Even though I totally love what I do for a career and wouldn’t change a thing about it, I still LOVE when a weekend stretches out before me with no traveling or speaking obligations, no projects that are close to deadline with the piranhas chomping at my tail, and nothing that is a MUST do.  There are SO many things I should be doing, lol (trimming the trees in front of my house, paying the bills, working on 2 articles that are coming up on publication deadlines, putting together the Powerpoint presentations for the 5 lectures that I’m giving in September, working on IVMA stuff and being a good president….the list could go on and on).  Sometimes, the ability to say “that can wait” is a hard one to come by.  Today I vow to work on my ability to say NO to the things I should be doing and spend at least a few hours doing the things I love 🙂

Speaking of love, check out what Blossom had to say to me this morning, lol.  I love it when she “talks” to me.  I imagine it goes something like this…. “where the HE** have you been?  My stomach has been growling since 5 a.m.!  During the week, you’re here every morning between 5 and 5:30 to feed us and then you expect me to wait until 8 or 9 on the weekend?  That is SO unfair!  Wait….where are you going???  Is there any more??”

So, what am I going to do with this gorgeous day stretching out ahead of me?  Well, I want to finish sewing my scrappy binding together for my Happy Howlidays quilt so that when I get home next week from my trip it will be ready to go.  I have SEVERAL works in progress that could use finishing up, but I kind of have this feeling that I want to pull out my wool stuff and work on some applique?  Yeah, it’s going to be in the 90’s today and I’m thinking of working with wool…does that strike anyone as odd?  But it’s so portable that I could take it with me when I travel this week and have a project to work on at night in the hotel room (as opposed to the articles and lectures I need to finish 🙂 )

I guess they’ll just wait patiently until I decide.  Oh!  I also figured out how to upload the pics from iPhoto at a much lower setting so if any of you are frustrated with long download times on my other pages with big pictures, it should get much better now!  Stay tuned…

I love comments :)

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