Weekend Wrap Up

So, what did you accomplish this weekend?  Inquiring minds want to know 😛  It’s hotter than you know what here and our A/C is struggling along on a wing and a prayer until the repair man gets here on Tuesday.  It’s keeping it slightly cooler than outside, but I must admit, I was sorely tempted to drop some $$ on a portable air conditioner at Fryes this weekend.   Luckily, “cooler” minds prevailed…

Friday night we had my folks over for dinner and had a great time catching up.  Nice, slow, unrushed evening…couldn’t have been nicer.  Saturday morning I worked on my putting my scrappy binding together for the synchronized squares QAL quilt I’ve been working on and then walked out to the mailbox around noon to discover that the backing had arrived!  Hooray!!  So, the backing has been washed (I’m not normally a pre-washer…don’t tell the quilt police!!) because it is sooooo red and the top is sooooo white.  I think I shall hold my breath the entire time it’s in the wash as a whole quilt for the first time.  I threw a color catcher in with the backing and will throw a few in when I wash the whole quilt, and then will stand back with my fingers crossed and a bottle (I mean a GLASS) of wine waiting to see how it comes out.  Can you tell I worry a lot??

Of course, my trusted helper was there every step of the way to supervise…thanks Emmie!  I’m going to introduce her to Zapper from  Hip to be a Square podcast and let the two of them amuse each other, lol.

The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent running errands with the hubs.  He’s building a new computer (the epitome of techy geek, but we call him a techy stud to his face) and needed about a million different components from a million different stores, none of which had the decency to have anything even remotely quilty related.  On the way home, we were talking with my mom and arranging a time for me to meet her and take her iPad shopping (we’re slowly pulling her into these technological times), and I just happened to mention that it would be cool if we both had iPad2’s so we could chat via FaceTime when she was in Florida most of the year (I have an iPhone but she doesn’t).  My crazy husband turned around and said he’d forgotten something he needed and then drove back into town to the apple store and bought me this.

What a great guy!  So now, of course, I must resume playing with my new toy so I can help Mom tomorrow (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! )…plus it’s a heck of a lot cooler than being out cleaning stalls in this heat!  I might even have to order a few jelly rolls and make myself a cool little sleeve with this pattern by John Adams (Quilt Dad) for Moda Bake Shop.  Giggle….

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