Fun little project with vinyl

It’s been a crazy week (seems I’m always saying that) with an equally crazy week to come.  I’m traveling and lecturing so, of course, now I’m doing last-minute things to energize the presentations (can you say procrastination???).   Ah well….

So, my new friend Courtney, (owner of The French Seam) just got this adorable line in from Anna Griffin called Fifi & Fido.  OMG…what’s a veterinarian to do?  Plus, it just so happens that we needed a new microscope cover.  When Courtney showed me the vinyl fabric (is vinyl still called fabric???) it seemed the perfect solution.

Now, I’ve never sewn on vinyl before, but my Bernina didn’t let me down.  I swear, she’d get more done if I just let her sew on her own without me messing things up, lol.  I bought the Bernina  presser foot #52 (I think it was called a vinyl zig zag foot) and away we went.

I used the old microscope cover as a template, traced around it, added a 1/4 inch to all sides and then cut with my rotary cutter.  I tried my scissors but it was looking kind of frayed that way (hmm, sharpen scissors perhaps??).  I used my binding clips to keep everything from sliding around because I didn’t want to put pins through the vinyl.

Presto, chango…here she is 🙂   It needs something to finish off the bottom, but I’m not sure what.  Ric Rac perhaps?  Maybe in black?  Hmmmm….what do you think?  Back to work for me!  Hope everyone’s enjoying a gorgeous fall weekend!

I love comments :)

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