I’m making a Lonestar Quilt!

Good morning quilting buddies!  I know I’m not a good blogger…just can’t seem to post frequently right now, but I do as I can and hopefully next year when the world settles down (will that really happen?) I’ll be able to blog more frequently.  I just wanted to take a minute to post some pics of my  current project.  I’m so excited…I started working on a lonestar quilt.  I’ve always admired these and wanted to make one, but have been terrified of working with all the points and angles.  Let’s just say precision isn’t my defining quality in quilting, lol.

So, I’ve been in love with the Hometown fabric line from Sweetwater since it came out.  I love every single print!!!!  I decided to tackle my lonestar quilt and make it out of these fabrics.  Here’s the charms all sorted out into piles to make the center star.



As always, I have an assistant…sigh.  Lucy this time 🙂  Here’s the center star all finished!  Yep, I’m pretty proud of it 🙂  Bubba Jr. is playing “Vanna” and illustrating for you 🙂  Stay tuned as I add the borders and decide which yummy Hometown  print is going to serve as the backing.  Hmmmm….maybe a pieced back?  Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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