What’s up?

Well, it looks like I may just fall into the category of weekend blogger for now 🙂  Seems there’s just not much time during the week.  Hope everyone had a great week!  I think my cold has finally worked it’s way out and I might be firing on all cylinders again.  Fall has definitely arrived.  I love the cool air, the gorgeous colors of the leaves, and turtlenecks, lol.  My poor husband HATES cold weather (really, even after 23 years I’m wondering how we’re together because we are COMPLETE opposites) and is already complaining about how cold it is!

In quilting news, I’m in the process of trying to find a longarmer for my lonestar girl.  I really do think I should get it professionally quilted, but the first place I checked had a 5-6 month waiting list!  Holy crap…for that I just might wing it myself, but my gut says I need to get something special done with this one, even if she is just for me 🙂  So the search continues!

The fur children are semi-behaving.  The cold weather seems to have everyone acting all silly.  The horses have been feisty as all get out.  I need to saddle Blossom up this weekend and work out some of her “crazy”.  It will do us both good.  Annie is psycho as ever!  This is her on the way home from grooming yesterday, lol. 

Since Halloween is officially over now, I guess I’m going to  have to put my little Halloween tabletopper away 😦  I really love my glow in the dark quilting.  This was the first applique project ever and obviously has some issues, but it still makes me smile.  Last night I just wanted to work on something simple while listening to some podcasts.  Something quick that I could get done and not add to the UFO list that’s rapidly increasing!  I had this little guy hanging out in my closet since quilt festival last year, so I stitched him up.  Need to get him quilted (should be quick) and bound.  Obviously my borders did NOT turn out right (let’s blame the directions shall we), but he’s still cute and I wasn’t in the mood for perfection…Gobble Gobble!

Goals for this weekend:  well, I have a lecture to finish up for the med school dermatology residents (procrastination inspires creativity didn’t you know?) so my sewing time is going to be a bit limited.  I want to finish the pieced backing for my little Happy Howlidays Christmas quilt and maybe sandwich and start quilting.  It’s a very simple pattern so I can do this one myself with some straight-line and grid quilting.  Can you believe it’s almost time for the holidays?  Yikes!!!!  I also need to put my backing together for the lonestar in hopes that I will find a longarmer soon and can deliver it to her/him.  I’ve decided not to do a pieced back for the lonestar.  Just a simple backing since there’s so much color on the front.

I also decided to make a Swoon quilt.  I’ve LOVED watching all the pics on Flickr and on my quilting blogs of the swoon quilts and I think Camille is the bomb.  Not sure if I’ll use Ruby or not for it.  The colors would be perfect for my mom in her Florida place…hmmmm…..

Ok, enough rambling.  If I get started on Happy Howlidays, I’ll post pics later this weekend.  Have a great week everyone!

1 thought on “What’s up?

  1. LOVE the block at the top of the post! You asked about my design boards in a comment recently. I got the tutorial from Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet blog. I believe there is a link on her sidebar to the tutorial. Have a great weekend!


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