Help and Ideas needed!!

So, I’m finally (that should be in caps…FINALLY) ready to finish the Synchronized Squares Quilt Along from, oh what was it?  June?  hee hee.  I had such good intentions.  Christmas fabric, Christmas quilt (for me!) and now here we are, November 14th.  ARGH!

Here’s where I need ideas…quilting.  This is NOT my strong point at this time, lol.  My stipples still aren’t pretty and it’s just for me (and I know, practice, practice, etc), but I’m wondering if you all have any great ideas.  I was thinking about maybe bones or paws quilted in the little squares and then straight line echo in the white space or perhaps stipple around in the white space?  Am I over thinking?  Stipple the whole dang thing?  Sigh and help!  All ideas appreciated.  Here are a few pics to give you an idea of what it looks like:

Close up of my favorite block:  Laid out on the floor:With backing and binding:The problem child:Thanks in advance for any ideas crew!  Looking forward to reading your suggestions 🙂  Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

8 thoughts on “Help and Ideas needed!!

  1. I saw your post on Big Tent. I always like quilting squares with curves. Your idea of paw prints is terrific. You could even put a large paw print that “covers” each four patch. The sashing would be a perfect place to practice your stippling. Don’t overthink the stippling – just go for it. Stippling doesn’t need to be perfect; it hides wobbles. BTW – Your quilt is adorable and your dogs are gorgeous, too.

  2. I see your fabric has been feline-approved! Good! Can’t sew with ’em, can’t sew without ’em….

    I would do the whole thing in vertical and horizontal, stitch-in-the-ditch rows. Then take a look at it. Maybe stiple all the sashing? Then add bones or stars in random squares? Let the quilt tell you what else it needs.

  3. I didn’t realize you had a blog! I’ll add you to my Google Reader. I love the quilt…the colors are great. I haven’t tried this yet but I like the look of the curved stitching in each square. I also like Kelley’s idea of corner to corner lines diagonal across the whole thing. Can’t wait to see how you end up doing it!

  4. I agree with Kelly V, the bones would be great and stippling on the border. You can probably come up with a continuous line bone pattern. Happy quilt! (I saw you on bigtent too). Tami In Denver

  5. Your options are wide open. My first thought was diagional, though curved lines would soften the edges and provide movement for your eyes. If you are new to, or not feeling brave enough for free motion quilting you could use your walking foot and run a curved line in an “s” shape from block to block with your walking foot. If you have more experience or want to experiment you could do some stippling in the borders or even a loopy loop design, both are very forgiving. I love the bright colors.

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