Who’s Ready to Swoon???

A pretty bundle

Here she is….all wrapped up and ready to go!  In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s this madness called “Swoonery” that’s been going on since last year when Camille Rosekelley (Simplify) created the Swoon quilt.  It was love at first sight for me and I’ve been dying to make my own ever since.  Last year was a blitz for me and there was no way I was going to be able to commit to this large quilt because I REALLY wanted to enjoy the process of each and every bit of it.  It’s not often a quilt grabs you like that and says “you MUST have me, no matter what!”.  So, I bought the pattern and tucked it away.

A few times, I started to pull out my own fabrics and audition them to make my own version of Swoon, but honestly, I am so in love with the Ruby Swoon that I always went back to that.  So, when Fat Quarter Shop offered a Ruby kit all bundled up for the taking…SOLD!  Then I quietly tucked her into a safe place in the closet to await a time when life was a little more quiet.

Then, to make matters worse, in January, Katy at imagingermonkey.blogspot.com, decided to start a Swoon-A-Long.  A flickr group started (go here for more eye-candy), and oh, the pain!  I was just dying to sit down and join this awesome group of quilters working on my own Swoon.  Seriously, you have to go look at all the pictures on flickr.  Everyone was so original….not me, I still “heart” my Ruby Swoon.  Of course, if you remember, January through February I was up to my eyeballs in travel, speaking, and volunteer duties (oh yeah, and don’t forget my regular full-time job at my clinic, lol).  So I followed along, pinning like crazy (damn you Pinterest!).

And then Pam, from Hip to be a Square podcast, started her blue Swoon.  Now, anyone that knows Pam knows she cranks these things out like there’s no tomorrow.  I think she’s secretly a vampire and doesn’t need sleep.  I’m going to swipe Zoom and Zapper from her when she’s not watching..but shhh!  don’t tell her 🙂


But at long last, the time has come!  Last night, I unwrapped my kit and laid out the yummies!  Ah, Ruby swoon…our time has finally come!


I cut out my first star pieces last night (only 8 more to go, lol).  Alas, then I was rudely interrupted by this face wanting dinner.  So today, more Swoonery planned.  I really should make myself work on taxes and paying bills first, but what fun would that be??  Happy Sunday y’all!

4 thoughts on “Who’s Ready to Swoon???

  1. You should hide your secret plans better. I’m pretty sure Zapper would never leave me, but you could offer to pet Zoom and she’d run away with you. She’s easy like that.

    Have fun with the Swoon!

  2. I am also totally in love the Swoon and have taken the same approach… meet yucky deadlines in other areas (even when they are sewing related, deadlines, in my opinion, are yucky!) and then SWOON AWAY!
    Can’t wait for groups on SeamedUP – we should start our own little swoonery. (Is that like a nursery?).
    Either way – can’t wait to see your progress!

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