So, I’m in a funk!  I finished my first Swoon block this morning (yeah!) and I really think I probably used my seam ripper more than I have in the last several projects.  Apparently, my instruction reading skills and diagram following skills leave something to be desired.  Never the less, block one is finished!

After finishing block one, I decided I really needed to take Bernie (the Bernina) in for her annual check up (mainly because she missed her check up last year!…bad Lori).  So I got her all packed up, got the embroidery unit packed up for servicing too (might as well right?) and off I went.  When i got there, there were lots of signs about the special financing event going on in March until the 19th.   Basically, if you charge over $6000, there’s free financing for 48 months.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I truly love my machine.  I have no complaints, no problems.  The only things I would even remotely change would be larger throat space for quilting, an automatic thread cutter, and not having to be connected to my computer for the machine embroidery process.

While I was waiting, I just so happened to gander over at the 830 LE.  The owner must have seen the drool slipping from my mouth and came over and took me for a fully guided tour of this Cadillac of Berninas.  Oh my, this girl is lovely…just lovely.  So, of course she just happened to mention that I could do a trade on my 440 QE to lower the price.  She’s going to call me Monday with a quote on trading mine in.  And of course, there’s a great deal with $500 off and when you order the LE model, you get a free 2 day course in Chicago with the Bernina Educators.  I was good, I walked away and didn’t try and make any changes on the spot.

The dilemma – I don’t NEED a new machine.  Mine is working just fine.  All the bells and whistles are pretty incredible though.  Sigh…obviously cooler heads will likely prevail after a good nights sleep.  Oh yeah, and Eddie is walking around limping again so he may make the decision very easy for me if he needs ACL surgery 🙂

Anyone have a Bernina 830 they’d like to share their thoughts with me on?

1 thought on “Dilemma

  1. I don’t have one but they sure look pretty! I was drooling over the top Viking machine last time I went in esp. after hearing it dropped from $12k to $8k in price. Still couldn’t justify it though. Hubby would kill me.

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