A Mug Rug Kind of Day

Did you have a good week?  It was a crazy one around here.  Spring is definitely here EARLY in Indiana and the pollen counts are currently what they usually are in June.  My poor allergy patients are having a heck of a time, but I do love having the windows open 🙂  The hubs was sick for several days and was kind enough to pass it on to me (thank you husband…) but after 3 days of total ick, I’m back to normal and ready to head into another crazy week!

So, what’s new?  Well, I’m still learning my machine, so I thought I would try my hand at a couple of mug rugs.  I’ve always thought they were so cute and my dad has a birthday coming up, so what better way to learn my new machine right?  And of course, I had to make one for my mom too right?  I can just hear the morning conversation….”sure wish I had a little “quilty thing” to set my coffee on like OUR daughter made for YOU!”  Gotta love it…

But first things first.  Scarlett has had a big week!  She went with me for a 5 hour class on Friday to learn all her ins and outs.  Next week we go back to learn embroidery.  I can’t wait!  Katie turned me on to this super adorable little embroidered banner/bunting (what’s a bunting anyway???) and I totally can’t wait to make it and hang it above the window where Scarlett sits.  But…you will have to wait on pics of that until after next Friday, sorry!

Scarlett did get a little “bling” though.  I added a little magnifying glass attachment for my eyes (90 year old eyes in a 43 year old’s body…grr!).  The ladies at the store have been talking about this for ages and I’ve been fighting it (“I have my readers, I’m fine”.  Let me just say, WOW!  what a difference for my stitch in the ditch stuff … I kid you now!  Here, take a look:

Without Magnification

With Magnification

Also, things are progressing nicely between Emmie and Scarlett.  There’s been no more hissing or smacking, but Emmie remains leery.  Which isn’t a bad thing as her nose was often a little closer than I’d like to the needle.  I’m a vet, but I do hate it when my own animals are hurting (especially if I’m the cause!).

What were we talking about?  Oh yes, mug rugs!  So, I made one for my dad using the Reunion fabric by Sweetwater.  I found a tutorial written by Angie at Stitching by Starlight that looked simple enough for me (note – you can find tutorials for everything on Pinterest and Google Image, lol).  I thought it was a great tutorial, easy to follow and a quick project!  There were 2 tries previous to this one (not happy endings) …I really wanted to do some machine binding (read quick and easy) but I just was really unhappy with the results of all the ones I tried.  I read the tutorial by Julie at JayBird Quilts and Pat Sloan’s tutorial…they make it look lovely and simple, but perhaps I’m lacking a binding gene?  I made it reversible because bless his heart, he’ll have no idea what a mug rug is anyway, so he should be able to just use both sides.  I’m even sending it with a little “what is a mug rug” printout from last year when there was the Mug Rug Madness blog affair going on.

Here’s the front:

And the back: 

Poor Mom, on the other hand, got the mug rug that I did with the machine binding (Pat Sloan’s method … sorry to shame you Pat 😦 ).So, those are all boxed up and ready to head to Florida tomorrow.  Mom knows I have a blog but never remembers to check it, lol, so I’m safe posting pictures.  Well, I have a crazy week ahead and still some work to do yet tonight, so I’ll sign off.  Also, I keep fighting this little stinker sitting in front of the screen! Lucy says hello…

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