IQF Cincinnati Recap

So, yesterday I embarked on a road trip to Cincinnati for the International Quilt Festival.  The last IQF I went to was in Houston in 2010.  IQF Cincinnati was significantly smaller and certainly not as star-studded, lol, but it was the perfect size for a day trip.  So, I thought I would take you on a little tour of my day…grab your coffee!

So, this is the view from the top.  The first picture shows the half of the convention center that held the quilt exhibits (by the lights) and the second picture shows the other half which contained all the vendors.  As you can see, vendors comprised about 3/4 of the floor space.  It’s funny, we always say quilters are the nicest people in the world, but man…they can get a little pushy at these shows.  The aisles get crowded and then you have the folks that stop in the middle of the aisles to talk, check their cell phone or text.  Add in the folks with strollers and things can get downright scary.  Of course there are always some that are sweet and say excuse me, but it seemed like every quilter for herself at times.

Supernova by Heather Jones

This quilt was my favorite of the entire show.  I know that sounds nuts because it’s so simple but the colors reminded me of the Bonnie and Camille fabric lines and the quilting by Angela Walters was just exquisite.  Here’s a close up of the quilting.

Supernova quilting by Angela Walters

This quilt was part of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild exhibit called A Modern Spin on the Ohio Star Block.  So beautiful!  I believe Pat Sloan just recently had Heather Jones on one of her episodes and she talked a little bit about Supernova.  Here’s the link.  Heather also has a blog called if you want to check her out.

Homage to My Grandmother’s Mother’s Bluebonnet Star by Jane Bergstralh

This show really was heavy on the art quilting and didn’t have as many traditional type quilts.  Although I loved all the art quilts, I really missed having more of the traditional ones to look at.  I thought this one was gorgeous.  It was called a Texas Baltimore.  I’m not familiar with that…guess I should google it.  I don’t see much “baltimore-ish” about it, but I thought it was beautiful.  Here’s the info sheet on it as well. Now you guys know I am drawn to all things animal, so of course, I had to get pics of the few animal art quilts I was actually allowed to take pictures of.

God’s Greatest Gift to me was Dad by Cindy Garcia

This was beautiful.  Cindy Garcia did a fantastic job with the thread painting and the quilting to capture the tiniest details from the wrinkles in the face and the jeans to the wood on the stall doors.  She created this quilt to honor her Dad who had passed away.  It reminded me so much of my dad with my horse Blossom that it literally brought tears to my eyes.

Lucy by Judy Greenwood

Another stunning portrait quilt.  Judy Greenwood created Lucy via ink painting and machine quilting.  Lucy was a new puppy that the chef on one of her quilting retreats 🙂  Very life-like and fascinating!

Salad with Pears by Gail Segreto

There was an exhibit called “Festival Gallery of Quilt Art:  Good For You”.  The quilts in this group were based on a theme of “what’s good for you?”.  This particular quilt drew me in due to the color.  The colors were just really vibrant and I’m afraid this picture doesn’t really do the quilt justice.

Black White & READ Village by Karen Eckmeier

This was a fascinating art quilt that was part of the Tactile Architecture exhibit.  Karen created computer generated text-based on her morning collage journals to create the fabric for her village.  It was really fascinating and I spent a long time just staring and reading the words that made up the village.  The machine quilting and couching to make the individual elements of the village stand out were really quite incredible.  Here are a few more close-ups of this art quilt.

That’s it for the quilting pics.  There were a lot of areas that were labeled “no photography” at this show.  I am constantly amazed at the number of people who are still snapping away in these areas…sigh.

I think this post has gotten a bit long, so I’m going to do a separate post showing you my “loot” for those that only wanted to see the quilts and not what I did to stimulate the economy yesterday, lol.  Hope you enjoyed the little tour!

3 thoughts on “IQF Cincinnati Recap

  1. Thanks for the tour Lori! I especially enjoyed the animal art quilts. The quilter relly captured the eyes on that Basset.

  2. Hi–I’m so glad I found a place to reply to you!
    Thank you so much for including the picture of Homage to my Grandmothers on your site. I was amazed and delighted when my son called and told me he’d found this picture of a quilt I’d made.
    It was such a thrill to share my quilts from Houston. And you’re right. This isn’t the Texas Baltimore. On that quilt, you’d probably recognize the “Baltimore” connection. I live in Williamsburg, Va., where Elly Sienkiewicz leads the Applique Academy each February. In 2011, she was teaching the block with the oak leaves surrounding a picture. I took the quilt to the Academy just to show her another interpretation, and she showed encouraged me to enter in the Houston show. I couldn’t believe it when THREE of my quilts were accepted to show and tour.
    Thanks again–I’m pleased that you liked it, and very honored that you included it!
    Jane Bergstralh

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