Score! IQF Cincinnati Loot

Ok, for my quilty friends that have tweeted that they want to live vicariously through my shopping skills (read lack of control) from my trip yesterday to IQF Cincinnati, feast your eyes upon my fun finds.  I suspect you will all notice a theme and I will have to change my username on twitter and such from “ltdermdvm” soon to “the crazy cat lady”…sigh, what’s a girl to do?

First up….you know I’ve been lusting after, I mean “wanting to try”, some Aurifil thread for a while now.  I could no longer wait for Sandy to PICK ME!  My pleas were falling on deaf ears…wiping a tear from my eye…sigh!  SO, the hubs wanted me to pick something special for my bday present while I was at the quilt show and I decided I wanted to get some Aurifil if I could find a good deal.  My local shop charges $12-14/spool.  Have you heard about their new Lana 12 wt thread for wool?  mmmmmmm, yummy.  So I got this:

Can’t wait to try it out!  And I found the PERFECT project to try the Aurifil Lana threads on at Wooly Lady!  Have you guys ever seen her wool?  OMG…if you like wool, she has the softest wool in the most unusual colors.  I met her in Houston in 2010 and have been a huge fan ever since.  Not cheap…but so unique.  Kind of reminds me of the Sue Spargo type colors.  I managed to contain myself and only bought one thing at her booth.

It’s going to be perfect on top of an antique buffet I have in my dining room.  Seriously…look at these colors!Love, love, love!  Ok, moving on.  You all know Emmie by now, my little quilting buddy right? Well, Emmie proved herself to be a phenomenal mouser this past winter (thank you husband for dragging me kicking and screaming out into the country with the lure of “you can have horses”).  I found this pattern and thought it was priceless!  Totally reminded me of her.  The gumball machine is filled with mice (that piece of fabric was included) and the whiskers were sparkly strands of something (not sure what I’ll use for that yet).  Yep, couldn’t help myself…had to have it!While we’re on the animal theme, I might as well confess and show you all my other animal type purchases yesterday.  I know, I know…serious problem.  What do you expect from a veterinarian though?  Seriously?

This was a pattern from Thangles called Mama and Her Kitties.  I’ve never used Thangles but the demonstration looked super simple (ha! don’t they all).  I also bought the kit because the colors were perfect for my friend who does a ton of rescue work for kitties.  I also thought I would make one for our local group, Indy Feral, to use at their fundraising auction.  This one looked so fun for summer.  It’s called The Hunter and came with some matching Aurifil thread (giggle…).  Let’s just say, Bigfork Bay Cotton Company loves me after my visit to their booth yesterday.  Dear checking account, I apologize…I just couldn’t help myself, and to be fair, IQF Houston was my last real blowout…And another….this one reminded me of my Siamese, Lucy, who hangs out in my sink every morning.  She’s a little visually challenged.  We think she’s such a good mouser because she sees 2 of everything!  Sorry Lucy…no discrimination in this house, you must have “issues” to live here 🙂


And another….

Hey, at least I deviated from cats this time 🙂  This is a VERY cool little kit that combines some pretty pastel wools with some gorgeous batiks!  Yummy.

I personally think I exercised an outlandish amount of control when I left Primitive Gatherings booth with just ONE little itty bitty wool kit!  This is a very cute little reindeer table mat that is all in the shape of hexagons which I’ve been wanting to try my hand at.  Primitive Gatherings had this BEAUTIFUL kit that was a huge Ohio Star.  I swear it had to be 80×80.  You can imagine how $$ it was.  Again, OUTLANDISH self-control (patting myself on the back).

Hey look!  Something without a cat or an animal, lol!  This cute little applique pattern was designed by Pat Sloan for Bigfork Bay Cotton Company.  So pretty!  And of course it came with some lovely coordinating aurifil thread.

Wrapping up now, I promise.  This cute little book by Kim Schaefer (you may know her from her book Calendar Quilts) had some adorable applique for crib blankets, bibs, and growth charts.  I have a few friends having babies this summer so I thought I could try a few of these out and make something different from the typical baby quilt 🙂  Last but not least, I give you…Yeah…sigh.  I had a bonding moment with Deb Tucker.  She is a total HOOT!  If you’ve never met her and you’re ever at a quilt show, go chat with her and watch her demonstrations.  I would love to take one of her classes sometime or just go drink some wine, beer, martinis, whatever with her.  The lady is a bundle of energy.  I had heard AJ from The Quilting Pot talking about a table runner she made from one of Deb’s rulers, so I knew I wanted to check out her booth if she was at the show.  I probably spent 30-45 minutes watching various demos and just laughing with her.  I walked away with 3 rulers, a quilter’s wand, and 2 patterns.  Nuts!

And that, I believe is IT my friends!  I had a great time and find myself unbelievably glad that it’s raining today so I can stay inside and play with my loot instead of get out and clean up my flower beds and garden like I SHOULD be doing 🙂  Have a great weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Score! IQF Cincinnati Loot

  1. Oh my, you exercised REMARKABLE self control!!! Looks like a wonderful haul and thanks for sharing since I couldn’t go and it was fun to “go shopping” with you. I love rainy days too. LOL.

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