Getting in Some Farming!

A bit of an odd title I know given the fact that I live in Indiana and we’ve had a complete drought for the last two months.  The corn is pathetic and when they came to do our second cutting of hay, we only got 36 bales (we normally get 125).  Hoping for some rain in August and maybe we can get another cutting in before fall, otherwise it’s going to be a very expensive winter for these ladies!So, back to the farming…Mom and I decided to make our Farmer’s Wife quilt together.  In case you haven’t heard about the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt, it is a book based on 1920’s farm wifes and the 111 quilt blocks they inspired.  The book was written by Laurie Aaron Hird (click HERE to go to her website and read more about the history behind the ides).  I purchased the book back in 2010 and have followed along with several of my favorite quilters/bloggers as they started their quilts, but until now didn’t feel I could really commit to making my own.  Mom suggested it on a whim and I thought it might be a fun mother/daughter project.  We won’t get to sew together often, but it will be fun to share our progress.  Our goal is to do 4 blocks each month.  After making the first four, I think that’s more than manageable.  I’ve been using the template method for these, mainly because I haven’t figured out paper piecing, lol, but may try that later.  There are also just a gazillion pics on Flickr in the Farmer’s Wife group too if you want to take a gander.

Here’s my first block.  It’s called “Big Dipper” – block #6.  I’m going to try and accomplish this quilt only uses fabric from my stash.  I have a good bit of “Etchings” by 3Sisters for Moda left in my stash.  I love this entire line and it’s soft muted colors.  Aren’t there some lines that just grab you that way and you almost want to hoard the fabric so you don’t run out of it?  LOL.  This block actually has a really cute secondary pinwheel pattern in the middle, but I don’t think my fabric contrast was high enough to really point this out.  I could redo it, but I really like the fabrics 🙂The next block is called Economy (block #29).Then I made a little “oops”.  Mom had picked squash blossom and I had put a paper clip on that page, but when I turned to that page, instead of making squash blossom, I made the bowtie block which was on the back of the page, lol.  Hence how I ended up with 5 blocks instead of 4.  This bowtie block looks deceivingly simple.  There’s a wicked y-seam in here.  I am SO not good at y-seams yet.  Practice practice right?  So here are Economy and Bowtie together.And here is the infamous Squash Blossom, block #86.  I’m kind of “meh” on this one.  It’s ok, but it doesn’t make me jump up and down happy.And finally, Grape Basket, block #45.  I thought I’d hate this one with all the little tiny HSTs, but I found I really liked it and was quite proud of my points at the end.  I don’t know what fabric this is, it was just in my stash.  I couldn’t find anything in my Etchings scraps that looked “grape-ey” 🙂Here are all five together.  I’ll share pics of my mom’s blocks too as she sends them to me so you can see both of our quilts come together.So, let’s see, what else has been happening?  Well, work has been insane (it is allergy season after all and insane is good for business which means more money to buy hay for said horses looking poutily over the railing above).  I completed a baby quilt for a friend in July.  It was a soft flannel quilt made from a panel and fabric I bought at IQF when I was in Houston in 2010.  I quilted it using my embroidery portion of my 830.  It has bears, moon and stars, so I chose a moon and starts motif.  This was my first time using endless embroidery so it’s not perfect, but mom and baby both liked it.  Here’s a close up of the quilting:Speaking of babies…we added this little one to our menagerie in July!  His name is Moose (we had just come back from Kalispell, MT and his legs are HUGE).  He’s keeping us laughing nonstop and has just blended seamlessly into the household.  That’s it for the update for now!  Hopefully it won’t be another 30 days before the next one 🙂  Hope you all are well!

2 thoughts on “Getting in Some Farming!

  1. I feel for you guys being in drought. We had year after year of low rainfall here in Australia but this winter has been a wet one, thank goodness. Our TV weather gives us running updates on how full the water storages are and it’s such a relief to know they’re at about 70% full at last. I wish you well.

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