2013 Goals – Quilty Goals and Life Goals

I’m not going to call them resolutions…I hate the sound of it and I never seem to keep them and then I have a sense of failure that irks me and makes me want to throw in the towel 🙂  So this year, they are “goals” to symbolize the fact that life is constantly a work in progress and something we must work at every day.  This post is going to contain more than just quilty goals for a couple of reasons:  1) I want it to remain a touch point for me throughout the year to refer back to, and 2) let’s face it…it’s not like I’m a famous blogger and people are going to be upset if I discuss something other than my blog topic, lol!  So, you have been warned…I’m starting with the quilty goals and then progressing to the life goals (at which time you may feel free to ditch me if you’re not interested 🙂 )

Quilting Goals 
1.  Take one quilting class per quarter.  This can be online via Craftsy or some other online venue, at the quilt shop, or at a show.  One class per quarter so that I remember that life isn’t all about work and sometimes it pays to do something nice for yourself and expand your skills in other areas besides veterinary medicine.
2.  Make 5 Farmer’s Wife quilt blocks with mom each month (a total of 60 in 2013).  This has really turned out to be a fun project for us.  We’re 15 in and we take turns each month picking 5 blocks to make.  We text pictures to each other and we’re both using our stash for the project.
3.  Learn how to use my cutwork tool that I purchased and make a table runner or cute applique quilt with it.
4.  Finish the Montana “Walk in the Woods” quilt.  The center is pieced, but it needs the borders and then quilted.  Here’s a pic of it if you don’t remember the one I’m talking about.

Montana Quilt Top - no borders yet

Montana Quilt Top – no borders yet

5.  Finish my Swoon quilt – FOR ME!  I have 7 more blocks to go.
6.  Get my Lone Star quilt quilted.  This one is going to a longarmer.  It’s completely finished and ready to go…I just need to make it happen.  Here she is again in case you have forgotten what she looks like.  I LOVE this quilt!

Lone Star Top complete

Lone Star Top complete

Health Goals

1.  Exercise – ah, the classic resolution right?  I want to run my first 5k by June.  That’s going to mean getting myself up off the couch or out of the sewing room and onto the treadmill or outside.
2.  Achieve a healthy BMI
3.  Food – make more mindful choices of what I put in my body.
4.  Plan, plan, plan – I have found over and over that if I plan the week of meals and exercise I am WAY more successful than if I just roll with the punches.

Work Goals

1.  Continue to grow the Ft. Wayne satellite and help develop a nice branch for Dr. Dell with the goal of one day per week in a few years.

2.  Start to work on plans for a new resident in 2014.  This will help for long-range planning, especially if Ft. Wayne takes off and we have Dr. Dell in Indy less.
3.  Continue with the daily to every other day posts on the clinic FB site.  Clients love the pics of their animals.
4.  Work to establish the blog for the clinic.  Informative articles on various diseases keep the clients engaged and let them know that they aren’t alone in dealing with their pet’s problems.
5.  Continue to publish 2 articles per year.
6.  Keep current with journal articles (VetDerm and JAVMA primarily).  This can be either bedtime reading (oy!) or in place of TV time in the evening.

Home Goals

1.  Quit whining about the white walls and freaking do something about it (do it yourself, hire it done, just fricking do it!).  You’ve been in the house for 6 years and have 2 rooms painted…really????

2.  Do something in the decorating department  for the house once a month.  This can be something little like buying curtains for a window, a new area rug, or hopefully this summer adding on that screened in porch we’ve been dreaming about if we can save up for it.

Horse Goals

1.  Hire the natural horseman to work with Tongo and I this spring/summer.

2.  Start lessons again with Blossom.  This will be great exercise for both of us!  The goal would be to get to the point where I can just head out, saddle her up, and take off riding around the property or elsewhere without having to have someone with me or someone to give me a boost because I’m too heavy to get up on my own 🙂

I think that’s it.  Now that I’ve got them down, I just need to figure out a way to make them happen and stay accountable!  I hope everyone had a great New Year’s celebration.  Needless to say, Moose and Simon didn’t make it until midnight last night.IMG_1391

5 thoughts on “2013 Goals – Quilty Goals and Life Goals

  1. Hi Lori. I like your blog, horses, quilting and cats (in random order because I couldn’t pick a favorite). I found your blog from your post on Leah Day’s blog. : ) Good luck on your goals and happy 2013!

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