The last quilt of 2012

I handed off the last quilt of 2012 last night 🙂  I made it for a dear friend of mine (our neighbor).IMG_1404  When we first moved into our house in 2006, she and her husband were quick to befriend us.  My husband had lived in the country all his life before marrying me in 1989, but I have ALWAYS been a city girl (he lured me out to the country with the promise of horses, lol).  She and her husband had lots of chuckles as I learned some interesting lessons about life in the country:  1.  Although strawberries are a fruit, they do NOT grow on trees.
2.  Always lock the gate behind you, even if you think the horses are following you 🙂
3.  opossums really DO play dead, even when they are definitely NOT!
4.  Hot wires really ARE hot.
5.  And that sometimes, life is hard..and when it is, it’s important to cling to those we love to weather the storm.IMG_1385Two years after we moved in, her husband passed away from a massive heart attack.  I still miss him every day and think of him when I do something “city-fied”.  I can’t even imagine how much she and her girls hurt missing him.  She is always here for me, no matter what time, what day, no matter what!  So this quilt has been in process for a year (I started it the day after Christmas last year) and it’s finally complete.  It’s soft and cuddly, and has sayings on it about friendship.  IMG_4080It’s a simple quilt made from strips cut from panels and fabric.  It was quilted with an all over meander of loops, stipple, and wandering clovers.  It would be beautiful with quilted snowflakes, but my quilting skills aren’t there and I wanted it to be pretty and not look like a practice piece.IMG_4077 IMG_4078So, that’s it for me to end 2012.  I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve 🙂  I’ll have another post on quilty goals later in the day.

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