Q1 Finish-a-Long Goals

This year I’m going to get my act together and join Leanne over at She Can Quilt for the 2013 Finish-a-Long!   I enjoyed watching everyone’s progress over at Rhonda‘s last year but could never get it together in time to link up and participate, lol.  So, drum roll please…..here are my Q1 goals 🙂

1.  Get those darn borders on and finish the Montana quilt!  Here’s the story behind this quilt.  My husband travels a lot for work and he was in Montana for an install at a hospital.  There is this FABULOUS quilt shop there (I didn’t know how fabulous it was at the time) called Glacier Quilts.  Now, the hubs is not a “bring the wifey home a gift” kind of guy, so when he came home with this quilt kit for me, I was floored.  I opened it and was like, “Wow honey!  That’s awesome :)”.  Let’s just say, it wasn’t my kind of quilt (pictures of bears, trees, etc), but seriously…the guy BOUGHT ME A QUILT KIT…that doesn’t happen often and we want to continue to encourage that kind of behavior right?  LOL.  So, I put off working on it for a while because I was having a hard time getting excited about it.  He would occasionally ask, “don’t you like that quilt?  i never see you working on it?”.  And yes, I was raised Catholic, so I do guilt like nobodies business.  So I started working on it.  Lots of triangles, etc, so it was a great way to improve my HST skills.

Then I had the chance to actually go to Montana with him in June.  OMG…it might just be the most beautiful place on earth.  Take your breath away beautiful!  IMG_0609I spent time in Glacier Quilts and all of a sudden was totally energized to finish this quilt as a reminder of our time in Montana.  It was fabulous.  I even bought the backing while I was there so the entire quilt would be my “Montana Quilt”.    Look at this scenery and then look at the quilt top that I’ve finished so far…I have a whole new appreciation for the Montana Quilt.  So, my first Q1 goal is to get the borders on this baby and get her quilted 🙂

Huge waterfall - Glacier NP

Huge waterfall – Glacier NP


Montana Quilt Top - no borders yet

Montana Quilt Top – no borders yet

2.  My second Q1 goal is to finish 15 more of the Farmer’s Wife blocks.  If you remember, this is a quilt my mom and I are making together (read about it here).  We alternate picking 5 blocks from the book each month and then share the pictures of our blocks as we go.  We’re both using our respective stash for this…it’s been fun and I look forward to it!  Here’s a pic of some of the blocks already finished.

Farmer's Wife September blocks

Farmer’s Wife September blocks

Farmer's wife October blocks

Farmer’s wife October blocks

We hit a stall in November and December due to the crazy holidays, but we’re back at it.  I have 2 more November blocks to finish today (we skipped December) and then I’m ready to start tackling my January blocks!

3.  Last but not least – I’m going to participate in a blog hop featuring one of Amy Bradley’s designs.  I don’t have a pic to post of this one yet because I’m waiting to see the pattern.  The blog hop happens in February, so I realize it doesn’t qualify for the FAL really since it’s not a UFO, but it’s still a goal of mine, so here it is on my little list, lol.

That’s it for me for Q1.  I have a few other things I’d like to do, but honestly, this is a busy speaking season for me so I’m going to try to be realistic!  Looking forward to watching everyone’s progress!

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