Farmer’s Wife Update

So, I’m not quite meeting my one post a week goal that I set for myself, but I’m giving myself a definite pass for the month of January.  Between crazy hours at work, speaking commitments, an article deadline, Purdue Vet School admissions work, and the IVMA Annual Meeting, let’s just say I might have lost my mind somewhere between Jan 1 and now.  However, I am breathing a sigh of relief this weekend and have literally no plans other than tackling laundry, grocery shopping, stall cleaning, and some sewing time with Scarlett!

Yesterday I was able to finish up the last of the blocks from October 2012.  Mom and I took a brief hiatus in November/December and then an unintentional hiatus in January due to my being all kinds of crazy.  We’re going to make the January blocks I picked our “February” blocks officially and continue on.  I hate that I put us behind, but luckily Mom is a “roll with it” kind of gal 🙂  I really love working on this project together.  Even though we’re miles apart right now, we’re texting each other pictures of each block as we make it so it feels like we’re together!

Here’s a pic of all 15 of my finished blocks together.Feb 2013Here are a few of my favorites along the way.  This one is called Grape Basket.Grape  BasketFriendship StarThis one is the Friendship Star.  I keep saying one day I’m going to make an entire quilt of these.  My next favorite is Star Gardener.  This block kicked my butt from here to kingdom come and back again.  I think I ripped more seams than I sewed.  It has 57 pieces.  I do love the end product though.IMG_1524Corn and BeansI also really like this little guy (Corn & Beans).  Seems appropriate for a girl in the midwest huh?  The rest of my sewing plans for this weekend involve working on my little quilt for the upcoming blog hop, “It’s all about ME” that’s just around the corner!  I’m looking forward to this 🙂  Hope you guys have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Farmer’s Wife Update

    • Thanks Kati! Emmie is my most frequent helper cat (the black and white one) but they all seem to know when it’s time to come sit on top of whatever I’m trying to work on 🙂

  1. Love your color choices so much. I can really relate to ripping more then sewing. That’s why I really never took a shine to quilting. Your blocks are an inspiration to keep on keeping on.

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