Today It’s All About Me!

Welcome to my blog!  Today, “It’s All About Me!”  This is my first blog hop EVER 🙂  I was so excited when I read that Madame Samm was offering a blog hop in conjunction with one of my favorite designers, Amy Bradley.  I love Amy’s designs…the directions are super clear.  One of the best things about Amy is her love of animals and her animal patterns.  Her husband is a veterinarian, just like me!  So, a huge thank you is in order for Madame Samm and Marlene, our head cheerleader, for coordinating all the bloggers!  An even bigger thank you to Amy Bradley for providing the bloggers with the pattern and allowing us to create our own likeness.  I had a great time and I hope you enjoy my version of “ME”.

IMG_1576Here I am 🙂  So, a little about me.  I’m a veterinary dermatologist…yep, there really are such things!  I spend my days working with animals with various forms of skin disease.  I manage a lot of allergies, but also work with auto-immune diseases, ear diseases, and parasitic disorder.  You can click here to see pictures of my patients.  I am very blessed in being able to do what I do.  I love my job, I love my patients, but some days…well, let’s just say I love this too, lol.  Quilting is my therapy.white wineThis was a fantastic little project and worked up quickly.  It gave me a chance to try out a Frixion pen for marking quilting lines.  You’ve heard of these I’m sure.  You press the areas you’ve marked with a hot iron and “poof”, the marks disappear.  There are stories of the lines returning when the temperature drops below a certain temperature, but this little wall hanging is just for me and I have no intention of putting her in the freezer 🙂

IMG_1567I love my patients, but as you can see from my blog, I have a house full of fur children as well.  We have 4 cats, 3 dogs, and 2 horses!  My poor husband sometimes feels surrounded by cats, but I adore them.  See this cute little one peeking over my head?IMG_1577I quilted the little wall hanging with straight line quilting at an angle in order to simulate “bias”.  So fun!  And the Frixion pen really did vanish when ironed with a warm iron.  Can you see the little DVM name tag I made?IMG_1581So there you have it!  I hope you like it.  Now, don’t forget to go and visit all of our other bloggers today (listed below) for Day 3 of the blog hop.  Thanks for stopping by!

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79 thoughts on “Today It’s All About Me!

  1. I I didn’t know you are a vet! Thank you for doing what you do for the animals, it must be both rewarding and heartbreaking at times. At least with the skin problem specialty you don’t get a lot of the near death patients that must be so hard. To see. I love Amy Bradley designs, what a great idea for a hop 😉 nicely done

  2. oh your feline peeking through looked like a crown too….I must think you are all queens of smiles this morning..I adore your ME…or YOU that is….and love your blog background…need another cup of joe glad you played along with us….

  3. From one animal lover to another……your lady is wonderful! Love all of the animal fabrics and the cat sneaking into the picture. So glad you joined the hop!

  4. A derm vet! Hey that is great. There are so many itchy kitties and dawgs out there.
    I am sure you are always ready by the end of the day to just sit at your machine and create something. Well, this is just wonderful. You could display this at your office heehee. Adore the sneaky kitties trying to get your assistance. I love this!
    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity today

  5. Sweeeet Work…love the little kitten head….we have one cat Stonewall Jackson…our granddaughters picked him out for us when we lived in SC…so we thought we would honor Stonewall….we also had Robert E Lee but he died in December, he had blue and green eyes…he just got weaker and weaker…this is funny too as life would have it…we traveled and worked as nurses, my hub (ER) and I….to Lexington Va…yes,! Stonewall and Lee are buried there….we worked at Stonewall Jackson one believed we had come with our two Confederate Kittens!!….thought you would appreciate a fun furry story! I am sure you have many with your “business”….:)

  6. What an adorable project! Thank you for sharing about your career, too! I love the kitty peering over your shoulder. One of my two kitties was just here trying to help me web surf. He’s a chunk – he weighs about 16 pounds. So, it’s difficult to have him on me and still be able to use my laptop. I don’t image his fur is good for the laptop either. I love my Frixion pens. I use them for lots of things. I doing my first blog hop next month for the embroidery hop and plan to use one of the Frixion pens for marking my embroidery. I thought that would work and then it’ll iron right out. Thank you for taking time to participate in the blog hop; make a great, creative project; share about yourself; and be an inspiration.

  7. Your kitty peeking out over your head is too cute!!! You did a great job on your “self-portrait”!! I love the animals too and have 2 dogs, 3 cats and 4 horses! You do have a dream job 🙂

  8. That little face peeking over your shoulder is gorgeous! You sound like the kind og vet I would love to take my fur babies to. My kind of quilter as well!

  9. Cool! a derm vet…I managed a vet hospital in Vancouver for years, before going into the people side of things, and loved it. Now I don’t do either! (stay at home mom, lol)
    Congrats on your first blog hop, and well done, I love your hanging, it’s beautiful!!

  10. Love your project. Thank you for shareing it with us. I used to be a nurse for 12 years. I loved it…..Although these days I am a SAHM takeing care of the cats, the dog, the albino leopard spotted gecko, the husband and the 2 children and this big old house and property.

  11. Absolutely Adorable! Just love that you included your other loves in your block as well. It’s great to “meet” other animal lovers (I have 2 dogs and 6 cats). What a blessing you are to the animals! I checked out your fur-kids page – they are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. So cute…I love it….thank you for the work you do with animals. I, too, am a cat lover…two sweet children indoors and a group of ferals outside that I feed every day. Sometimes as little as 7, sometimes as many as 16! Can’t not feed them…they won’t let me touch them, but I am not going to let them go hungry.

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