The Week From Hell

Wow, what a week.  I would like to not repeat this week anytime soon!  Here’s how it went:IMG_1529

Tuesday:  another snow storm (5 inches) and loss of power from 2:30-8:30 a.m.  Edward (pictured above) is a total freak due to the flickering of lights occasionally during that 6 hour window and lies on top of me shaking like a freight train the entire time.  Let’s keep in mind that I have to be at an equine event exhibiting for my clinic at 8:00 Weds morning shall we?  Sometime during this time, Lucy sneezes…twice.

Wednesday:  5 inches of snow on the ground, no power, I am getting ready for this equine trade show without a shower, trying to make myself presentable via the light of my phone and the window…not pretty.  Lucy is now sneezing more…much more.  I send the husband out to feed the horses because in my lovely boot (remember the broken heel?) I’m not so great in the snow.  I also send him over to the neighbor’s house to feed her 2 horses because she’s in her 60’s with a bad hip and doesn’t need to be fighting the snow either.  I’m walking out the door, looking not so pretty, and Jim comes back to tell me that the neighbor’s oldest horse is dead in the barn 😦  Now, the poor guy was 30 years old and it’s been a tough winter, but it’s never an easy thing to have happen.  So, call our neighbor, deliver the horrible news, and then off to the event.  Yep, that’s me below with my hair pulled up looking über lovely…oy!  Do you love the coat hanging in the background?  Note to self…next time look behind you before having someone snap a picture.  Sigh…IMG_1643Thursday:  Wake up to more sneezing (enter Emmie and Simon) and it becomes obvious that we have a full-blown upper respiratory infection running through the cats in the house.  Damn!  This stuff is like the plaque.  Lucy feels horrible because she has the worst lungs of the group.  I rescued her when someone tried to drown her and her 4 siblings when she was only 10 weeks old…so to say she’s respiratory challenged to begin with would be an understatement.  Now she feels really crappy, running a fever, snotty, and doesn’t want to eat.  Go down to feed the other cats and Moose, aka the bad kitty, has diarrhea.  Nice…ok, I’m a veterinarian…forget that I specialize in dermatology for the love of pete, but I can handle this.  Load up a stool sample, and off to the clinic I go.  Results back at 10 p.m. – Moose has Giardia.  Whaaa Whaaa,… winner winner, chicken dinner!

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Friday:  Surely we’re done with the week right?  I have 2 doctors appts, one for the heel and one for annual bloodwork, and then I’m off to pick up medicine for all four cats for the upper respiratory infection and medication for Mr. Moose to treat the Giardia.  The good news – my bone is remodeling so I’m cleared for non-weight bearing exercise and remain in the boot for another 3 weeks.  The bad news…pilling and medicating 4 cats, 2-3 times per day with medicine that tastes horrible.  Yeah, I have the scars to prove it.

I feel certain that today has to be the start of a better week.  Lucy and Emmie are still feeling puny (Lucy is the worst, poor thing is downright pathetic), but Moose feels good enough to bite me and Simon has been exposed to upper respiratory infections so many times (he spent his first year of life in the clinic with me as a clinic cat when I was in general practice) that his immunity is pretty darned good.  IMG_1652

Despite all this insanity that would drive any normal person to drink, I DID actually get some things accomplished on the quilty and crafty side of things this week.  Yeah me!  First up, my little tumbler table topper made out of a charm pack of Vintage Modern (by Bonnie & Camille for Moda), is quilted and just waiting for me to finish hand stitching the binding!  I love it and need a little spring right now.  I really don’t mind springing forward with the time change because let’s be honest, I don’t sleep a lot any way…but I would REALLY like some warmer weather and sunshine over here.  That’s what the little table topper is supposed to be for me 🙂  It’s smaller than I anticipated and will shrink some more when I wash it, but I still love it.  It makes me smile.  IMG_1658

I also finished a little Easter wool applique that I started last March.  It’s an Easter bunny…he’s cute!IMG_1657And last but not least, I had ordered some of the cotton fabric lawn printable sheets from Electric Quilt for a memory quilt I’m working on.  I’ve used printable fabric before but haven’t been extremely pleased with the quality of it.  So, this cotton lawn fabric got great reviews as did the TAP (transfer artist paper).  I ordered some of both and am planning on experimenting to see which I like best.  However, when I was on the Electric Quilt site, I just happened across these add-ons called “Stash“…how have I never heard about these before?????  IMG_1659If you use Electric Quilt to design quilts at all, these are a must have!  I have EQ 7 and although I don’t get to play nearly as much as I would like, these are da’bomb!  The CDs are released twice a year (spring and fall) and contain swatches from various manufacturers and fabric designers, from the entire line of each person’s fabric.  I purchased the Fall 2011 and the Spring 2012.   The Fall 2011 has over 6400 fabrics from 25 different manufacturers (Moda, Michael Miller Fabrics, Northcott, Robert Kaufman, etc).  Spring 2012 has over 5800 fabrics from 22 manufacturers (Island Batiks, Moda, Free Spirit, Riley Blake, etc).  Now, you know my love affair with Vintage Modern, Ruby, and the other fabrics by Bonnie & Camille….imagine how fun it is for me to design quilt blocks or entire quilts and NOW be able to drop the exact fabrics in????  Some might call it heaven 🙂

Vintage Modern in EQ 7 - Stash Spring 2012

Vintage Modern in EQ 7 – Stash Spring 2012

So, that pretty much wraps it up for me.  Today is Sunday and other than a trip to the grocery store to get ready for the week, I intend to stay home and sew.  I have 5 more Farmer’s Wife blocks to do for the month of March to stay on track and I’m looking forward to spending some time planning the memory quilt I’m going to work on.  I hope you guys had a much less drama filled week!

5 thoughts on “The Week From Hell

  1. You’re just now discovering Stash? Such a noob! Tee hee. If you’ve got a scanner you can scan in fabrics from your stash too. Love your finishes and I’m so sorry for the sick fur babies! Sending well wishes!

  2. I am so sorry to hear you had such a hard week. I started the Farmers Wife in January of this year and I am making two blocks at a time. I just finished the flying birds and I think it is so cute. Good luck with your kittys and I wish you some spring weather after all aren’t we suppose to have our peas planted by St. Patty’s day.

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