Done With April!

I’ve been absent.  April was a blur, a complete and utter blur.  Dad was in the hospital, I had my annual veterinary dermatology conference, got sick, fought it for a week, then it turned into pneumonia and for the first time in my entire life I missed a full week of work.  To say I’m over it…well, that might just be an understatement 🙂  I am finally starting to feel better, but my energy is low and I’m left with this wheezing cough.  My albuterol inhaler is my new BFF.  It became even more difficult now that my old golden boy is having some real issues.  We’re not sure if it’s orthopedic or neurologic, or a combination of the two, but I know hard decisions are ahead and I’m dreading the day.  Why can’t they live as long as we do?  So frustrating, especially as a veterinarian when you feel you should at least be able to fix your own…  We spent some time in the grass just enjoying the sun yesterday.  Moments like these are precious.

Bubba Jr - May 2013

Bubba Jr – May 2013

So, let’s play a little catch up.  Here’s what I managed to accomplish this last month.  Not a lot, but still progress 🙂  I finished my April Farmer’s Wife blocks.  I actually beat Mom this month, lol.  I think she still has one to finish.

April 2013 FW blocks

April 2013 FW blocks

In other news, the Montana quilt (LONG on my list of WIPs) is finally pieced…IMG_1843Pinned (thank you Moose for all the help…)IMG_1855And ready to quilt 🙂IMG_1856I have high hopes for getting some quilting done today.  At least the stitch in the ditch part to secure some seams, that is if I can get the cats off of it long enough.  This beast is 74×100.  It’s the biggest one I’ve ever tried to quilt at home and the first quilt I’ve ever pin basted versus spray basted.  We’ll see how it goes.  I anticipate getting irritated with having to continually stop and unpin.  I know it’s going to take a while to quilt though and trying to maneuver it for spray basting was going to be a bear.

Here’s wishing everyone a peaceful week!

5 thoughts on “Done With April!

  1. Bubba is beautiful and I can see love and joy in his eyes. The ONLY bad thing about having pets is that we usually out live them. Since euthanasia is legal for pets when they are very old or very sick with no hope of recovery, we have to deal with it and oh how I know that knowing and dreading. It’s the hardest thing to help a loved one go and you will know when it’s time. And you know it will be worse for you than him. Until then, please give Bubba a good scootch and kiss from me. He looks so content sitting in the grass.

  2. You certainly have had a rough time lately. I hope you are really starting to feel better and that your Dad continues to improve. Love on your dear Bubba Jr. as difficult decisions lay ahead.

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