Life Update with a Little Quilting

It has been what we’re lovingly referring to the week of Bubba 🙂  The old golden boy has been at work with me every day and on Friday we had our follow-up with the neurologist and the orthopedic surgeon.  The good news is that it looks like we’re dealing with strictly a torn ACL (right rear leg) instead of neurologic issues which is a blessing.  So, I have an abdominal ultrasound and chest films scheduled for Thursday to check for any evidence of cancer in liver, spleen or lungs and if everything is clean…well then, Jim and I have made the decision to move forward with his surgery.  He’ll have a 6 week recovery time and he and I will go to physical therapy twice weekly during that time.  However, age is not a disease, so if he’s in good shape otherwise, there’s no reason not to try.  We may have 6 months, we may have a year, we may have 2…who the heck knows?  I figure at 13, we’ve already beaten the “golden odds”, lol.  The furbabies are our children, so we are blessed to be in a position to do this for him if he’s otherwise healthy.  I’m very thankful for that!

Speaking of which…guess who turned 13 on Thursday? Yep!  This gorgeous golden boy who we’re now lovingly calling “that sun room we were planning to build this summer” 🙂  Love you Bubba Jr!

Bubba Jr. snoozing!

Bubba Jr. snoozing!

So, in the evening while the king is resting, I’ve been trying to do a little bit of quilting each day on the Montana quilt.  Notice I say “trying”….IMG_1868

This seems to be the Moose’s new hang out.  He LOVES this quilt.  I kid you not, I find him on it all the time and am constantly pushing him off of it so he doesn’t cause it to drag when I’m moving it through the machine.  This was after a recent “repositioning” when I picked him up and put him on the chair beside me.  You can see how long that lasted.IMG_1866So far, with the exception of stitching in the ditch along the major seam lines to hold things in place, this has all be free motion quilting.  Scarlett is a dream to quilt with and that throat space is awesome!!!!  I’ve tried to stitch around the rock like items in the panels, outline the bears, quilt “fur” that mimics the way the fur looks on the bears.  It’s just a quilt for us to snuggle under and remember our time in Montana, so it doesn’t have to be award-winning.  I’ve been having fun with it and it takes my mind off worrying about the Bubs for a bit.IMG_1862You can kind of see the devil lurking in there can’t you?  🙂  Well, time to go feed the crew.  The golden boy hasn’t been eating so I have chicken and sweet potatoes cooking for his golden royalness right now.  Hope you guys have a fantastic week!

9 thoughts on “Life Update with a Little Quilting

  1. All the best to Bubba. He is a beautiful golden boy. My goldie was 14yo when we had to have her put to sleep. Hardest day of my life but I didn’t want her to suffer anymore. We thought that was a really grand age for a Golden.

    • Awww, thank you 🙂 They are so special! 14 is wonderful for a golden baby…a testament to the good life with you guys 🙂


  2. Looks like you had a good Mother’s Day……filled with furbabies and quilting. Bubba just never takes a bad picture! And he definitely does not look like he’s 13……must be because he has such a great Mom! There’s no price tag to put on the love and joy that boy gives. What’s a sun porch compared to Bubba?? Plenty of time for a sun porch later…..Bubba time is now! Fingers crossed for good results on Thursday!

    That little Moose is a real stinker, isn’t he? Hopefully one day I’ll be able to meet King Moose….or is that Devil Moose? 

  3. Sounds like very good news for Bubba. I love what you said “old age is not a disease”. So true. I had a schipperke that lived 18 years and a parakeet that lived 15 years. Here’s to Bubba and Moose! Quilting Montana seems to be a remarkable undertaking. 🙂

  4. Give Bubba big hugs from me and a few wrestles from Sam. I’m so sorry he’s under the weather but glad it’s not worse than it is! Hoping everything goes well…

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