Life Update – $$$ aka Bubba Jr.

Notice the $$ signs?  His royal golden self has been quite a project since the beginning of May.  Bubba Jr had surgery on May 17th to repair his torn ACL on his good leg.  It was a rough weekend, but he did pretty darned good for an old golden man.  The next week was spent trying to convince him to eat.  He had no appetite whatsoever.  I cooked for him, we tried all kinds of “low-brow” dog foods that as a veterinarian just made me shudder.  Apparently he has very discerning tastes, but by Friday the 24th we were eating dog food again and I was no longer getting this “look” when I said it was time to eat!


And then, I went out of town for 36 hours to speak in Toledo and everything fell apart.  Jim called me Thursday morning to say he wouldn’t eat and I figured it was just because I was gone and had been at his golden beck and call for the last month.  I got home really late Thursday night and couldn’t get him to eat.  Then the vomiting started.  By Friday we were in ICU and he spent the weekend there with vomiting and bloody diarrhea (sorry if TMI).  I honestly thought we were going to lose him that weekend.  But my old man rallied and I brought him home Sunday night with his catheter still in place so I could give him fluids at home.  IMG_1945

Since then, it’s been a steady battle, but we’ve been moving in the right direction slowly but surely.  The first week we spent fighting to get him eating (I’ve done more cooking in the last month then in the last year…guaranteed, lol).  You’ve never seen two dog parents get so excited about normal poop!   The first day we didn’t have diarrhea was a milestone, then the day we didn’t have blood, another milestone, then solid poop…well, that was a reason for a par-tay!

Bubba's BuffetFor the last week, golden boy has been good.  Happy, wagging, and acting like Bubba again.  I still can’t get him to eat dog food, but he loves anything with beef or bread.  He’s lost almost 13 pounds since the end of April and he didn’t have 13 to lose, so I figure, he’s an old man, we’ve already beaten the golden odds at 13…he can eat whatever he pleases.  The current choice is white bread with Beneful Beef Stew.  We are operating a Bubba Buffet.  His discerning golden tastes no longer like anything involving turkey and chicken…sigh.  He “might” have my number…IMG_1949I have lots to update you on quilting wise as well!  With so much time at home with the old guy, I have finished the Montana quilt (yeah!!!), finished my May Farmer’s Wife blocks,  finished the first 2 months of the Toes in the Sand block of the month club, and started on my Wind in the Whiskers block of the month club.  So stay tuned for more updates!  I just wanted to dedicate this post solely to Bubba since you guys have all been so sweet checking on him 🙂

Happy Father’s Day to everyone!  Bubba Jr got his daddy a special card that he intends to give to him later.  More soon!IMG_1951

3 thoughts on “Life Update – $$$ aka Bubba Jr.

  1. thank you for the update, I wanted to ask but if the news went the other way …… well I didn’t want ot intrude either. He is such a sweety and you are the best mom and dad. When it is time to say good bye, I hope God intervenes and takes it our of your hands. So glad to see he’s doing well.

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