Farmer’s Wife – May blocks

I was running a bit behind with the May blocks due to all the golden drama at our house, but I managed to complete them before the middle of June (that still counts right???? )  🙂

Here they are:

May FW blocksIndividually they are #96 – TulipTulip#91 – Strawberry BasketStrawberry basket#74 – RibbonsRibbons#23 – Country  FarmCountry Farm

#1 – Attic WindowsAttic Window

So, now I just need to get started on the June blocks since it’s now June 17th…eek 🙂  Here are pics of Mom’s blocks as well!

Attic Window:



Country Farm: IMG_1986Ribbons:IMG_1988Strawberry Basket: IMG_1985and Tulip is missing.  That’s it for the May blocks.  June blocks coming soon 🙂

4 thoughts on “Farmer’s Wife – May blocks

  1. Your Farmer’s Wife blocks are looking fabulous. And your mom’s too. This reminds me that I am supposed to be working on my blocks. I don’t quilt so am finding it tedious however I am only making a wall hanging so it shouldn’t be that difficult. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts…

    • Thanks Sherry! I’ll have to go check yours out 🙂 they do take a while, but I’m learning some precision with it (not that you would know it from some of the blocks, lol).

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