Montana Quilt Finished – Finally!!

Like I mentioned last week, I have a bunch to tell you guys but I just need to find the time to get it all written down, lol.  Last weekend I went with Mom to the IQF in Chicago and I have tons of pics and fun things to share from that as well.  But for now…onto the Montana Quilt.IMG_0151So, Jim bought me this quilt kit on a trip to Montana back in 2011.  It sat in my closet for a long time because it’s not really “me”, but it was still special because he took the time to go to a quilt shop on a business trip and pick something out for me…not my typical husband, lol.  In June of 2012 I had the opportunity to go with him to Montana.  He had a business trip and I tagged along for a change.  I never get to do that 🙂  We went out 3 days early and played in Montana.  Here’s the post about that vacation if you’re interested.IMG_0147

Before we left, I decided it was high time to start piecing this quilt and then maybe I would get the backing from the same quilt store that he purchased the kit from and the entire quilt would be a “Montana Quilt”.

IMG_1862Somewhere along the line, Mr. Moose adopted this quilt as his own.  I couldn’t piece it, quilt it, or do anything with the damn quilt including getting a picture without his furry butt being on top of it.  This quilt was a Q1 FAL goal…well, I was only 3 months off 🙂  The ironic part about this is that Moose was named after we came back from that 2012 trip to Montana and we rescued his stinky, ringworm infested, ulcerated left eye self.  He was scrawny, sick, but you could tell he was going to be a fighter.  The day we brought him home, we were both wearing our “Moose’s Saloon” t-shirts from Montana, so he became “Moose”.


So, this quilt has been a few years in the making.  I tried lots of “new to me” techniques with the free motion quilting.  There were definitely loops, swirls, and stippling, but I tried to do some outlining of fur, rocks, etc to give them some definition.  I also tried to quilt waves into the running river.  This quilt is meant for snuggling under on the couch…originally for Jim, but I think Moose really owns this quilt.

The quilting was all done with monofilament thread.  Not my favorite to quilt with by a long shot, but I couldn’t find a thread color that I really liked and I didn’t want the thread to stand out on the back.  The backing is just a wood grain fabric.  I inserted a small strip of a scene from the panels that I cut up to make the front just to make it a little more interesting.IMG_0157IMG_0154It was super windy the weekend I was taking pictures, but it just didn’t seem right to take pictures of this quilt inside.  I wanted it outside in “nature”.  I had several helpers for the photo shoot.  Running beneath and over the top of the quilt seemed to be the name of the game.  Or, if you’re the old golden boy, just falling over and laying on top of it is a good game too.  They finally wore themselves out long enough for me to shoot the quilt.


So, that’s it!  The Montana quilt is finally finished and everyone is enjoying using it on the couch…especially da’ Moose 🙂IMG_0170

3 thoughts on “Montana Quilt Finished – Finally!!

  1. Lori, know you are glad to have finished this project so you can go on to another one. Keep up the wonderful work. Love that your blog contains tidbits about your 4-legged babies.


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