The End of the Travel Season…and a Baby Quilt!

So, this picture perfectly depicts how I feel after 6 weeks of intense, crazy travel and speaking engagements!  I am mentally and physically exhausted but oh so happy to be home.  I have one more speaking engagement this coming week, but it’s only an hour away so I’ll be home the same night.  Whew!  Bring on some sewing time!!!

Bubba Jr.So, when I left you in August, I was working to finish a baby quilt for my niece and her new baby.  He arrived soon after that and is super cute.  The quilt was actually completed when he arrived.  That could be a first for me, lol.

This is the little man himself! AlexReally, how cute is he?  Snuggle, snuggle, snuggle.  You want to know the disgusting part?  The quilt was DONE and ready to go and I STILL don’t have the label on it…sigh.  So now he’s almost 2 months old and his Auntie Lori hasn’t given him his quilt yet 😦  Bad Auntie.

So, here’s the front of the quilt.

Quilt FrontAnd the back of the quilt.  As an aside, I need to do some brushing up on my WordPress skills and learn how to insert pics with text to the sides, etc.  Every time I try, it ends up all wonky in the “published” version.  Oh well, for another day…

Quilt back

And just for fun, I hung it from the tree.  Can I just say, trying to take a picture with the dogs and horses NOT in the picture was a bigger challenge than anticipated?  LOL

Quilt HangingSo, one of the many tasks on tap for this weekend is to finish little man’s label so I can actually deliver it to him (or have UPS deliver it) this week!  I have lots to catch up on, so stay tuned for hopefully more frequent posts in the near future now that I’m home 🙂


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