Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Montana Quilt

Blogger’s Quilt Festival :: Fall 2013

Have you been following the Blogger’s Quilt Festival hosted by Amy Ellis?  This is something I’ve enjoyed following every year but never entered for several reasons.  Normally I’m working crazy hours and the time for entry is long past by the time I actually get caught up with my blog reading, lol.  Also, I’ve always considered myself such a novice quilter I never thought my work was “good enough” to be entered in something like this.  This year I’m throwing caution to the wind!  Many of my quilty friends have linked up and so what the heck?  The worst that could happen would be I would get an email from Amy saying, “uh…what do you think you’re doing??” to which I would of course respond with how much I admire her work and have been a long time fan (xoxo Amy….thanks for all you do!)  So here we go!

IMG_0147My entry into the “Throw” category is my Montana Quilt that I finished earlier this summer.  You can find my original post about the finish here and early pictures here.

IMG_0151The reason I chose this quilt to enter is because it was something totally out of my comfort zone that I didn’t think I would like when I started it, but ended up loving because of the memories I now associate with this quilt.  See, the husband purchased the original pattern on a business trip to Kalispell, MT in 2011.  He gave it to me for Christmas and I was like, “wow!  Thanks honey!”  Let’s be honest, I wanted to ENCOURAGE the fact that he would buy me quilty gifts on a business trip out of the blue (uh..yeah!) but this was definitely not my cup of tea.  I’m more of a Bonnie & Camille, Sweetwater, Kate Spain kind of girl 🙂  A quilt featuring wildlife from Montana was kind of “meh”.  So, it went into my closet and stayed there for a few months.

IMG_0149The following April he casually mentioned that he hadn’t seen me working on the quilt.  Then my Catholic guilt commenced (thanks Dad!) and I thought I better get piecing.  So out it came.

Close up

Close up

Gosh there were a lot of triangles in this quilt!  So I finished piecing the top and back in the closet it went.  UNTIL…in June 2012 I had the chance to tag along on a business trip with him to Montana.  OMG…I fell in love with the place.  Never has there been a more beautiful place and all of a sudden, the fabric came to life for me.  All those silly triangles that made the effect of the running streams went from being a PIA to reminding me of this.

RapidsI went and purchased the backing fabric from a quilt store in Whitefish because at that point I wanted every single bit of fabric in that quilt to have been purchased in Montana, thus effectively being able to wrap myself in the memories of that trip every time we used that quilt.  I love how the backing turned out!

IMG_0154Here’s a close up of the strip running down the middle of the backing.

IMG_0156What wonderful memories!  So that’s the Montana Quilt.  I hope you like it as much as I do…and as much as Moose does 🙂  He pretty much claims the quilt whenever we’re not using it.

IMG_1862A special thank you to Amy for hosting the 2013 Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  I’m sure it’s a lot of work to get all the sponsors and coordinate all the entries.  It’s sure a lot of fun to be a part of this year!


6 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Montana Quilt

  1. I hadn’t seen the “river” on the back – very cool. I’ll have to check out the blogger fest, didn’t know about it – thanks

  2. OmGosh! what a wonderful story!!! So glad you entered this! It is wonderful…and Moose is probably playing “Montana Mountain Lion” 🙂 Come visit Montana again soon!

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