A Little Quilting…A Lot of Life

Well goodness, it has been a week around here!  Not much news on the quilting front but I have managed to get a little sewing done here and there.  Hopefully lots more this weekend as it’s supposed to be COLD with a capital C around here.  Sounds like time for some beef vegetable soup in the crock pot and some quilting time 🙂

I have to say a big thanks to everyone who has been posting their quilt market/festival photos, tweeting and instagraming (is that a word, lol??).  I have really enjoyed following a long.  A special thanks to Tanesha at craftygardenmom.com, Alison at withinaquarterinch.com, and Amy at amyscreativeside.com for their recent podcasts detailing their time at market.  I smiled and giggled my way through all of them and enjoyed them immensely!  I am now CERTAIN that Alison and Tanesha  and I should NEVER go shopping together…who knows what haul we would come back with?  We seem to exercise similar levels of restraint…NOT LOL.

So, what’s been happening around here?  Well, this stubborn young lady and I are getting ready to start some training with a reputedly wonderful trainer.  Today is our first session and I am SO looking forward to what we’ll both learn.  My 1200 lb goofus and I have a lot of work to do together.  It’s a long story, for another time, but I reached an all time low a few weeks ago when the farrier was here and Tongo was in a snit and I couldn’t get her under control.  It’s hard to find a trainer with a mentality that isn’t just “you have to show her who’s boss”…seems like many horse trainers are similar to the Caesar Milan’s of the dog world (as a veterinarian, don’t EVEN get me started on his crock of alpha dog crap).  Tongo may seem like a big, pushy girl, but once you get inside her head there is a wonderful curiosity and love of being with people and involved in whatever you do.  I just need someone who will help me tap into that and work with her on ground manners, etc. so her “crazy” is a little more controlled and doesn’t end up hurting anyone.  So cross your fingers, I have a lot of hope riding on this guy.  Here’s a few pictures of my silly woman (apologies if you came here only for quilting pics LOL).

Tongo helping with gate repair

Tongo helping with gate repair

tongo1We call this one “mirror, mirror, on the truck….if I break you I don’t give a “bleep!”  🙂IMG_1076IMG_0718

Speaking of trucks….Lexi broke a nail this week and decided to die on me Tuesday night on my way home from the gym.  Turns out she needed a new alternator which Jim says must have been carved out of gold.  I prefer to think of it as doing my part to support the economy 🙂

In quilty news, not much happening other than still working on Mason’s memory quilt.  I was moving along like gang busters and then I hit a wall.  My plan had been to keep the quilting straight line and very simple so as not to detract from the photos, but once I got the basic lines stitched down, I felt like the picture blocks needed a little something more.  So after playing on Clingwrap with designs (seriously…the BEST way to audition designs), I decided to go with some small bone quilting…which has slowed my progress down immensely.  SIGH…but it will be so worth it!

IMG_2655It’s fall here and one of the most beautiful times of the year to live in the country.  I bitch about it all year-long because we’re a million miles from civilization, but it’s truly beautiful out here in the fall.  We celebrated last weekend by taking a long walk along the creek that borders the back of our property line and letting the golden boy go for a long swim.  Seeing him so happy brings a tear to my eye because a few months ago, I would have never counted on having him here in November.


So there you go…a wrap up of my week.  Here’s to lots more quilty love next week 🙂

8 thoughts on “A Little Quilting…A Lot of Life

  1. Ha! Ha! That horse is beautiful but I can see in her eyes and her stance that she wants things her way or the highway – good luck 🙂
    And I do think the bone quilting will be worth it

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