Holiday Update!

Goodness it’s been a busy month!  Are you ready for the holiday?  There’s been a lot of sewing going on over here in the wee hours of the morning in between life, work, and more life thrown in.  And it’s been cold as anything….Brr!  So, here’s a quick recap.  I am actually off work for the rest of the week, so hoping to get the blog updated during that time as well as enjoy some downtime with Scarlett stitching for fun 🙂

First up was some sewing for the fabric postcard swap generously hosted by Sandi of Quilt Cabana Patterns.  Thank you Sandi for this wonderful treat 🙂  I’ve enjoyed seeing the pics filter in on Twitter.  I’m going to post pics here because I know Marisa has received mine.  I also posted them in the Flickr group that Sandi set up!  Unfortunately, the post office has not been kind and is holding the one that Marisa sent me for ransom 🙂  I’m hoping it will still make an appearance someday soon!

IMG_2852 IMG_2851




I finished the quilt I was making for my MIL.  She’s been in a wheelchair since earlier this fall and she’s always trying to cover up with her coat or something else, so I thought she might like a little quilt.  Now, she’s definitely of the “muggle” variety as Frances would say, and I’m quite sure this will be just another blanket to her, but it was made with love.  It’s a little jelly roll race quilt made from Sweet Serenade by Basic Grey.  My MIL was a music teacher and I thought she would like the little musical notes.

IMG_0245 And here’s the backing, complete with the assistance of the quilt inspector, Mr. Moose!

IMG_0248A close up of the fabric

IMG_0255 IMG_0251



Now, I was running out of time for sewing the binding on by hand like I normally do, so I just used one of my 9 mm decorative stitches and hoped it was wide enough to cover my faux pas with machine stitched binding.  I can never seem to get it just right!  I think this will do 🙂  Not perfect, but fine for the project.

IMG_0253I’m also trying to finish up a little table topper for a friend.  More pics to come on that.  The weekend of Thanksgiving, I started working on a McKenna Ryan fusible applique called “Under the Moostletoe”.  Kind of appropriate with my crazy Moose kitty.  My goal was to complete it before Christmas so I could hang it up, but that’s not going to happen.  This is where it stands currently.  I used the Floriani Applique-Wonder on this and I’m not thrilled with it at all.  Very stiff and the needle makes a chunking noise when it goes through it.  I probably won’t use it again for this type of project.

IMG_2799There’s been lots of wrapping and Christmas shenanigans around here with the furry crew. Here’s a few just for grins!

IMG_0259 IMG_2906Wishing you all a very, Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays (whichever tickles your fancy).  xoxo   Lori


2 thoughts on “Holiday Update!

  1. Mr Bubba man looks so handsome in his christmas hat! the merry moose mas is a great pattern – I’ve done it a couple times – she is an inspiration of mine, she really got me into art quilting. maybe you still have time – or maybe not, not worth stressing for sure as it still looks good hanging on the design wall, right

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