Mason’s Quilt Finished!

IMG_0265Today I finished a very special project!  This is a memory quilt for the owner of one of my very special patients, Mason.  Mason was 6 months younger than my Bubba Jr.  They look remarkably similar – long, lanky, reddish gold in color.  I loved Mason as one of my own.  Over the course of his little life, his Mom and I became friends.  When she lost Mason last January, it became a void in both of our lives, but mostly hers.  She feels that loss every single day.

IMG_0266So a few months ago, I started planning to make a memory quilt for her.  Something to snuggle under and hold tightly to when she’s feeling that deep pain that we feel somewhere where no one can touch…that pain those of us who have lost someone close to us feel bone deep.  I hope this quilt can give her some comfort.  I loved Mason with all my heart and I love his Mom too.

IMG_0267Mason became my patient when he was a little over one year of age.  I had the pleasure of knowing him for 12, too short, years.  Our little Mason had a lot of allergies (he was a Golden after all LOL), and as he grew older, he developed several GI issues so his mom had to cook for him for the last several years of his life.


I know this post is a little picture heavy, so I tried to make them smaller, but if you click on them it should give you a full size image.  Here are a few of my favorites.IMG_0270

IMG_0274The fabrics are a combination of Moda white and then the fabric for the four patch blocks is from Whimsicals Around Town.  Super fun prints along with a panel.  I used some of the left over blocks on the back.  The four patches are just straight line quilted, then I FMQ’ed around the pictures.  I started by tracing bones and trying to quilt over them as an outline…but that looked kind of blah, so I tried my hand at FMQing the bones.  They’re not perfect, but I think they look ok and I’m sure Mason’s Mom will like them.

IMG_0290IMG_0291I couldn’t figure out what kind of label I wanted to put on this…everything I thought of was either too fancy, or too “perfect”, and not Mason…so I just went for something simple like this.

IMG_0295I hope Mason’s mom can feel all the love that went into this quilt…because there was a whole golden lot of it 🙂  RIP Mason…you were truly loved by all who knew you my special man!

xoxo forever,

Auntie Lori

5 thoughts on “Mason’s Quilt Finished!

  1. It’s such a touching story Lori, it made me tear up. So nice of you making this extra special memory quilt for her, I’m sure she’ll cherish it for a long time. Funny that you mention that his mom had to cook for him because that’s what I used to do back in Hungary when I had a dog. We didn’t know what kibble was at that time. I’m talking 16 years ago. 🙂

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