Life, Weather, and Very Little Sewing!


This has been the view from my window each morning since early January.  While I will agree that it is beautiful, these are the temperatures we have been dealing with….


I never worried about the cold, or winter for that matter.  I have a four wheel drive, and even though I live in the country, I can get where I need to go most days.  These bitter temperatures have been brutal, just brutal.  Tank heaters can’t keep up with the water when it gets that cold…I worry about the barn cats (who according to my husband have a pretty cushy life with their insulated shelters, hay, and food).  I worry…it’s what I do.  But, the outlook for this week is pleasant…in the 40’s by Thursday so I will hold onto that thought.  This weather makes me feel like this:


It’s been a tough winter to be an almost 14 year old Golden boy with bad legs.  But he’s my man and he’s been trudging along with a few wipe outs here and there 😉  Unfortunately, I’ve had very little sewing time since Christmas.  The clinic has been incredibly busy (weird I know…derm in the winter, but we don’t seem to have much of a season anymore which is a good thing and means I can pay my staff lol).  I’ve been traveling all over the place speaking and we just made a decision to open a new satellite in northern Indiana.  I have a bunch of publication deadlines coming up and hanging over my head.  I was driving home the other day and thought, “self, you are an awesome dermatologist, a good speaker, and a good business person…but you kind of suck at taking care of yourself and your family”.  Ah well, there’s always room for improvement right?

Soooooo….here’s what I have managed to get done since the end of December.  Mostly it’s been little scattered 30-60 minutes here and there working on my Farmer’s Wife blocks.  Mom has been fighting hand/thumb issues and is finishing up a project for a quilt show in March, so my lack of sewing time hasn’t slowed us down too much.  These are my December blocks:

ImageBlock 94:  Tall Pine TreesImageImage


I have 3 out of my 5 January blocks completed (yes, I know…it’s February).  AND…I have declared today a “no work” day for me, so planning on some mental health sewing 🙂

In other fun news, there’s a new layer cake quilt QAL taking place over at Material Girl Quilts.  Yes, I know I have just been lamenting about my lack of time but this looks super fun to me. You should go check it out.  Even if I can’t keep up with the deadlines, I’m still going to quilt along as I can.  I’ve chosen my layer cake (the new April Showers from Bonnie & Camille) and now I just need to decide on layout 1 or layout 2 🙂  I’m looking forward to the QAL!  You should check out Amanda’s blog if you haven’t already…she has lots of fun stuff going on over there.

Layer Cake Sampler QAL button2

That’s it for me crew!  I just haven’t posted in awhile and wanted you to know I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth 🙂  Have a great weekend!!!

4 thoughts on “Life, Weather, and Very Little Sewing!

    • Sandi, we bought that chair and couch from Kittles right after we were married in 89. My DH has hated it since the day it arrived LOL. The couch is long gone, but the golden one has claimed the chair in my office. I still love it and so does he, lol.

  1. Glad to hear you and loved ones are doing well thru this crazy winter and the golden one is still going strong. What a trouper that one 🙂 it’ll be over soon and we will be complaining how hot it is.

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