Hugs and Kisses

My Aunt was diagnosed with renal adenocarcinoma several months ago.  She had one kidney removed and did very well for several months.  Recently we discovered that the cancer was back…damn cancer.  So, she has started chemotherapy.  Mom and I had the idea to make her a quilt to snuggle with while undergoing her chemo treatments.

IMG_3533I found the pattern for X’s and O’s by Elizabeth Dackson of the blog Don’t Call Me Betsy.  Mom purchased the pretty batiks and pieced the top, then sent it to me.  I did the free motion quilting and binding.  Just finished it up today 🙂IMG_3531 IMG_3527I hope she loves it and it brings her comfort.

IMG_3529Here’s to it almost being the weekend and being on vacation next week!!!!!  Hope you’re all well 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hugs and Kisses

  1. Lori, prayers for your aunt. I know the quilt will be a blessing to her because she will be wrapped in the love you both put into its creation.

  2. It’s really beautiful. Nice that you worked on it together with your mom. I hope it brings your aunt much comfort.

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