To All the Quilting Podcasters – xoxo

WARNING – Not a lot of quilting pictures (or any…) in this one 🙂

So, I am behind as usual.  Once I went back to work after vacation it was nose to the grindstone again.  But that’s ok, I love what I do….I just wish I had more time for some quilty fun 🙂

This morning though, I thought it was important to put something out there.  There have been several times over the last few months where I’ve been listening to one of my quilting podcast friends (and I really do feel like they are friends) and one of them will mention that a listener commented on their podcast that they were sharing too much of their personal life and that they were in some way offended or put off by this sharing.  This happened most recently when I was listening to an episode of Laura‘s from Sewing Mom Podcast and someone felt she shared too many details about her foster children (yes, I’m a few episodes behind, but if you haven’t listened to her you should check it out!).  For some reason, this really got to me.  Here is a woman who already has 6 children of her own, is giving a part of her life, her home, and herself to help these little kids and IN ADDITION to all she has going on, she’s taking the time to share her life and sewing journey with us by podcasting.  And someone has the gall to tell her they don’t like what she’s sharing?

I love our podcasters, I love our community, I would LOVE to figure out a way to make the time to make a podcast and “talk back” to all of you.  My heart broke for Katie of Katie’s Quilting Corner when she was going through the start of her divorce, then I was happy for her when she decided to try to make it work, and I will continue to support her no matter what things come her way in the future, whether she’s single, married, or a martian.  Because I “heart” her and I love that she puts it out there for our community.

I love Pam of Hip to Be a Square (although I think in real life if she met me I would be one of those people who kind of annoy the sh*t out of her because I tend to be kind of smiley (word?) and chipper most days, lol).  I love that she shares her kid stories and her “feels”.  I love that she is open an honest about depression and what many of us as women struggle through.  I am so PROUD of her for her weight loss journey and the self discovery she’s been focusing on.  I appreciate that I know every Friday I have something to look forward to 🙂  And of course, if I’m being honest, I love that she loves her cats as much as I love mine.  When she lost Zoom and Zapper, I had just lost my Kasey (my once in a life time cat) and I felt my world would never be the same.  I felt she understood what I was going through.  And then I giggled (silently Pam) when she brought Fred home the same week as her new babies, because that’s what happened to us too and I truly thought I would loose my mind.  Looks like we both survived Pam…cheers!  (PS – I like your Friday night wine episodes, lol).

I love Sandy from Quilting for the Rest of Us.  I think if Sandy and I ever met in person, I invision us sitting on a deck with a glass of wine, surrounded by Bubba Jr and Sam (Princess doggie, Annie, and Eddie would be there too) and we would just talk and talk and talk.  I admire her dedication, her determination and her faith.  I love that she shares her faith in such a subtle manner that you know it’s there, but it’s never preachy or in your face.  I love that her mom was a quilter like mine.  I love tweeting travel schedules with her and invision waving to each other across the clouds when we’re both traveling.

I love Sandi from Quilt Cabana Corner.  She has such a busy life with her girls and I admire that she has time to write for magazines and publish patterns and just be the downright adorable, sweet person that she is.  I love that she and her Mom go to quilt shows together like I do with mine.

I love Frances from Off Kilter Quilt.  My heart dropped for her when her mom was ill.  I wasn’t able to participate in her quilt, but there were lots of prayers headed from my house to her in hopes of a speedy recovery for her mom and lots of virtual hugs.  I admire her as a writer, a mom, and an honest podcaster.  I love hearing her adventures with the new techniques she’s been trying with Jay.

I love Tanesha from Crafty Garden Mom.  She’s a busy working mom who juggles all the balls in the air and manages to not only tell us about life and keep us hanging for new books that are coming out, but gives us reviews on movies.  She talks about work and the loss of her coworker/friend last year.  And her most recent podcast about the Craftsy drama with the Sew Together Bag and her response of “Don’t be an A-hole”…OMG, dying just dying.  I was listening to her while doing a little piecing on Saturday and was literally giggling while I was pressing some seams and my husband walked in and asked me what I was giggling at by myself.  I told him and he rolled his eyes and said “women”.

I love Allison of Within a Quarter Inch.  I have been a long time listener and I love her goofy style.  I love hearing about her twins and my heart breaks for her with the struggles she’s going through with Max right now.  My little brother is mentally handicapped and struggles with autism and it is not an easy road.  In fact, that may be the understatement of the century!  I was so happy when she started podcasting again.  I don’t care if she podcasts alone or with a co-host…I love her regardless.

I miss Brye, I miss  Annie Smith, I miss Alex Anderson and some of the other podcasters that are now off the air.

I love AJ from the Quilting Pot.  I don’t care if she records in her car or in her house…I just love to listen to her and she always makes me laugh.  And PS – I’m jealous of her longarm too (are you sensing a theme here??)

I love Daisy from Lazy Daisy Quilts.  She makes me laugh and I talk back to her during her podcasts 🙂  I’m jealous that she’s learning to longarm!  I think her generosity and her heart-felt love that she put into organizing the quilt for Frances…I would hug her if I could for just being that special.  I love that she’s giving a quilt away ON HER BIRTHDAY!  What?????  Who does that???

I love that Pat Sloan brings me new people from the quilting world every week with American Patchwork and Quilting Radio show.  I love that she takes the time at Market to talk with these people when she’s there also as a pattern designer, fabric designer and working gal.  I love her blog and I love that she shares with us on Twitter and Instagram more things than just quilting.

I adore Stephanie of Modern Sewciety.  Wow, this girl has just exploded onto the scene.  I LOVE her style, I love her voice, and I am LOVING learning so much about different sewists, quilters, etc. out there.  I have started following several new blogs and been introduced to tons of interesting people (virtually) just from listening to Stephanie.

And last but not least, I love Amy Ellis and April Rosenthal of The QuiltCast.  They are fun, easy to listen to, and I love hearing the behind the scenes of what it’s like to be the person behind the fabric, behind the book, what it’s like getting ready for Market, what it’s like to be there.  I listen to them talk about their deadlines and I feel their pain because even though my deadlines are for veterinary related articles, talks, etc. it makes me feel better to know that there are other women out there that have a tendency to bite off more than they can chew in the face of trying to grow their business.

There are more of you out there, so please don’t be offended if I didn’t mention you, these are just my top folks that I listen to.  I truly appreciate everything all of you do to create your podcasts, edit them (or not), deal with the frustration of uploading them, finding a hosting service, dealing with iTunes, paying the fees that you do to support your site….but more than anything, I appreciate that you come into my world..whether it’s once a week, once a month, or only occasionally and you bring me a little piece of yourself.  For those few minutes, you take my mind off the stress of my job, which causes me insomnia and sleepless nights, you allow me to focus on something other than the crazy I deal with on a daily basis, and you invite me into  your world.  I can’t thank you enough for all  you do for the quilting community!

So, let me end on this note.  If you are one of those people who are acting judgmental, holier than thou, and leaving snarky comments on my friends podcast/website comments….in the words of Tanesha…DON’T BE AN A-HOLE!  There is a stop button on your media player.  Use it, delete the channel, cancel your subscription, delete it from your feed…do whatever you need to do good to feel good about yourself…but stop picking on my friends!  No one is holding you down and forcing you to listen.  The rest of us like being invited into their lives.  If you want straight quilting talk with no personal life messes, go buy a book.  Stop, just stop.

Sorry for the vent, I just felt like my friends needed some love.  I really do hope we do a twilter retreat at some point because the idea of spending a few days with all my podcasting and non-podcasting twilter friends…well, that just sounds like heaven wrapped up with a bow to me 🙂  And just for comic amusement if you’ve made it this far….here’s the Moose strutting his stuff 🙂



Yoga Moose :)

Yoga Moose 🙂

25 thoughts on “To All the Quilting Podcasters – xoxo

    • don’t let the turkeys get you down sister! You are AWESOME!!! Think of them as the little, petty people that they are. Honest reviews are one thing, but mean is quite another. Just realize that is one person in a sea of millions that love and adore you! Hugs!!!!

  1. Well said! I have never understood the mean girls. Switch the channel if you don’t like something. No reason to add more negativity to the world. Podcasters, we do appreciate you!

  2. Thanks for the love! We would probably get along fine, for while I am suspicious of chipper people, I have come to appreciate them, like the color orange which I’ve recently learned to love. And we could always bond over FEELS about Speshul Snowflake animals with food allergies.

    To bring it full geek and quote Wil Wheaton, I give you Wheaton’s Law: “Don’t be a dick.” That’s probably why I don’t check my iTunes reviews as frequently as I should, and don’t promote a ton. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and I get that.

  3. First of all, Lori……if someone doesn’t like a podcast because it contains personal details of the author’s life, they should simply stop listening. Absolutely no excuse for being rude. If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all and simply get on with your life. Just my opinion. Glad to see you come to the defense! Helen

  4. Thank you so much for this as a podcaster, and as a listener of MANY podcasts, I wholeheartedly agree. Every once in awhile after I’ve pushed “Publish” to upload an episode I will second-guess myself and think, “Should I have said that?” or “Oh crap, that probably came across meaner/less kind/snarkier/etc.. than I intended.” or “What’d I say again?” LOL, more usually the latter but I try not to worry about it and just let it go. As long as I have wonderful listeners like you, I know it’s all good.

  5. Thank you, Lori for this very awesome blog post!! As a relatively new postcaster, I can say it’s very scary to put yourself out there. It means so much to hear the positive things and know that there are people like you who are spreading the love. Your post made my day 🙂 🙂

  6. When you watch a TV show and you find you do not like it or it is boring… Do you write the show and tell them… no you just change the channel… no need to be snarky … just go find something you like. I would really like some of these negative nellies to pick up the mic and record they would learn how hard it is to record…. I listen to all the QUILTY podcasters and love them all… need to comment more often to let them know they are heard but most time I am off line when I listen … I consider these girls my friends… and I really get ticked when some gives them snark.
    BTW…links to all the podcasters I know of …. There may be some you do not know of…

  7. Lori, this post is so sweet. I want to reach across cyber space and give you a hug for sticking up for us! My heart sank for Katie today and I felt like I was back in junior high reading the insensitive review that person left. It’s tough to find good, new, interesting content each week/month especially if you are trying to blog and tweet as well. Sometimes we want to connect with everyone but we just run out of quilty stuff and we end up sharing our own lives instead. I’m happy that most people don’t mind. I feel sorry for the nasty person who felt she had a right to diminish Katie’s hard work. She obviously never learned the Golden Rule.
    Thank you for all of the kind words. We appreciate you.

  8. Thanks to Sandi for sharing your blog post. I agree with you. I also enjoy the quilty/craft talk as well as the family/life stories. It makes me feel like all of you are my friends.

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  10. We’ll said Lori. I feel the same -I love all the quilty podcasts and it’s because, not in spite of the fact that they share their lives with us.

  11. Good work, Lori! I agree.
    If someone leaving a comment or review on a podcast wanted to warn others that lots of personal information is shared (kind of as a service to others who are looking for impersonal podcasts – not sure why anyone would though), that’s one thing. To be judgmental while doing it is something else again.

    • Totally agree! I think our friends do a great job at the beginning of our podcasts of saying that there is a “life update” or warning if there’s not much sewing/quilting talk on that episode. Plenty of fair warning to turn it off if you don’t want to listen. Hugs Gretchen 🙂

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