Chugging Along

We are all chugging along here trying to get back to some sense of normal. Things are very quiet without the golden one. Eddie really mourned him for a few weeks. It was heartbreaking. We miss him so much but know he’s at peace. I have a special urn for him that I had ordered awhile back.



We also planted a tree for the big guy and are currently awaiting the arrival of his stone to put by it and plant some daylilies (he liked nothing better than lifting his leg on the ones I planted, lol).


Basically, we’re working at making a new normal around here. It’s hard work some days but we keep on chugging 🙂

In sewing news, I finished the mini Swoon. Lucy has become quite attached to it 🙂



I quilted it using my walking foot and the scallop stitch. I like the effect but I wish I had lengthened it a bit.



Today I had some time for sewing and wanted to do something different, so I created some scarves for my two furballs and a friend who just recently adopted a new rescue. Edward’s is a cute little bow tie fabric that I’ve had in my stash for awhile. Miss Annie’s was made from some of my Vintage Modern stash. Little Remi’s is from some left over Kate Spain fabric.



I had both girls going today stitching and piecing. Lots of fun!


So that’s it for a quick update. Hope you’re having a great summer!

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