Meet the crew

I refer to the family often, so I thought you might enjoy meeting what I affectionately refer to as “the crew”.  First the dogs:

Bubba Jr. is an 11-year-old Golden Retriever and the apple of everyone’s eye.  He truly is just the sweetest thing on the planet!  We call him an attention “whore” because he could care less about anything around him, OTHER than getting 100% of the attention…and he does NOT share.  We love him though!


Next are the “twins” – Eddie and Annie.  They are brother and sister, adopted from the local humane society in 2005 while I was studying for my board exam (yeah, what part of that spells idiot???).  They were the most high maintenance puppies I have EVER had, but other than some slight neuroses, they are very sweet dogs.  They are border collie/australian shepherd cross, so their herding instinct is extremely high.  Trying to teach them not to herd the cats was a challenge to say the least.

Simon, our oldest cat, is 11 years old.  He was a rescue my first year out of vet school.  He lived as a clinic cat for 5 months before coming home to join our family fur-ever.  My husband likes to say that Simon is a few buds short of a six-pack.  While true, he’s a very sweet guy.   He quietly sits on the sidelines unless he’s ready for a treat, and then he’s quite vocal.  The cat in the background is Kasey.  He was my soul mate, but we lost him to cancer in 2010.  He and Simon were the best of friends.  I know Simon misses him as much as I do.

Next is Miss Lucy.  Lucy is a rescue girl (are you getting the theme here?) as well.  She was adopted from an animal shelter in South Bend after some idiot had attempted to drown a litter of kittens.  She’s a Siamese cross, so a very vocal girl, but we love her!  Her funniest trait is that she loves to hang upside down in your arms…crazy!  Oh, and she’s cross-eyed as cross-eyed can be 🙂

And then came Emmie!  Emmie was also a rescue from a South Bend animal shelter.  I was up giving a lecture for business, and one of the veterinarians ( a dear friend) knew that I was missing my Kasey cat very much.  She encouraged me to come to her shelter and give another cat or kitten a home.  I didn’t think I could because I just missed Kasey so much, but after standing in a room full of cats with tears streaming down my face for 20 minutes, Emmie made the choice for me.  She literally launched herself into my arms, hung around my neck making little biscuits with her paws, and just wouldn’t let go while purring non-stop.  She won my heart.  I think Kasey was watching over her because this little girl has attached herself to me.   She is my quilting buddy and is always laying on whatever I am TRYING to work on, just like my Kase-man used to.  Don’t let her fool you though, she’s a total stinker and likes her world to be just so or she lets you know about it.

Tigger Toes is our barn cat.  He kind of adopted us.  He was a feral boy, but since he’s been neutered, he’s decided that our barn is an ok place to be.  Tiggie has become quite a lover over the last few months.  He’ll even let me pick him up and snuggle him now…but no one else 🙂  As you can see from his right eye, he’s no stranger to battling with others.  A raccoon did this to him  😦

And now for “the girls”.  I fell in love with Tongo when we moved out to the farm in 2006.  She lived next door with our dear neighbors and two other horses.  She was bred for barrel racing, but never broke or trained.  What I admire the most about her is her inquisitive spirit.  She wants to be involved in literally everything you’re doing.  This gets her (and me) in trouble sometimes, because although she’s totally interested, she’s also a total fear freak and new things make her flip out and run off until she gets curious enough to check it out again.  I’ve been working with her since we moved her over to our farm last October.  I can now get a fly mask on her, treat her eye with medication (she has a sinus condition that causes her to get infections), and put fly preventative on her.  She and I have a lot of work to do, but she’s my first horse and I love her with my whole heart!  She’s a 1200 lb baby though, lol.  This is her “investigating” my truck when we were building the round pen.  Jim calls it “mirror mirror, on the truck, if I break you, I don’t give a BLEEP” :)-

And last but certainly not least, is Blossom.  Blossom is an Appaloosa who we purchased “for Tongo” in the fall of 2010.  We had another Paint previously, named Princess, who died of colic in October of 2010.  Tongo and Princess had NEVER been separated since Tongo was a yearling, so she was crushed.  She was depressed and totally out of sorts.  It was truly heartbreaking to see her mourn for Princess.  So, after several weeks (3 but it felt like forever) we found Blossom and brought her to our home.  Blossom is an awesome horse!  She’s easy to ride and just a delight to have.  She quickly took over as the dominant mare in our little pasture, which was just fine with Tongo.  She was used to Princess being dominant and was happy to have another buddy.  I think Blossom would be fine without Tongo, but definitely not the other way around.  No matter, because we love Blossom…she’s a great addition to our little family!

3 thoughts on “Meet the crew

  1. What a fun family! Love the photos and thanks for sharing—and for starting a new blog. Hurray! Another new friend! jill953

  2. Love your stories and meeting the Crew…very descriptive and I love all of them…your tigger is just like my Tig – a rescue from the pound…she’s a delight also.

    Thanks for this pick me up for the day, give them pats for me!!

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