Pets On Quilts Show – 2014

I stumbled across this today thanks to Valerie.  Thanks Valerie!

Sounds good to me!!!  So, here are my kids!  We are entering in the “Cat or Kitten on a Quilt” category.  With 4 cats in the house, there is always a cat available to help with the quilting process.  First up…the Moose!  Moose is the youngest quilt tester in the household, but he is the first to pop up and help me.

cropped-img_1862.jpgHe has been helping me quilt my latest quilt, Chasing My Tail, with my 830 and the jumbo hoop.  Thanks Moosie!

Moose helping with "Chasing My Tail"

Moose helping with “Chasing My Tail”

He’s always up for a good photo shoot…especially when I’m trying to get a picture WITHOUT a cat in it.

Moose presents Mini Swoon

Moose presents Mini Swoon

He sure does keep us laughing though!

Yoga Moose :)

Yoga Moose 🙂

Next up is sister Lucy.  She’s our little rescue girl that someone tried to drown at 8 weeks of age.  Saving her did some damage to her vocal cords so her meow and purr are very, very quiet.  That hasn’t slowed her down every though!  She’s a sweet soul, but she keeps da’ Moose in his place.

Lucy helping with layout of the Montana Quilt

Lucy helping with layout of the Montana Quilt

Lucy helping demonstrate "place cat butt here!"

Lucy helping demonstrate “place cat butt here!”

They have another very shy sister, Emmie.  Emmie is also a rescue and used to love to help with quilting until I got my 830.  The 830 is just a bit big and intimidating for her, but she still loves to snuggle and help with quilting when the machine isn’t running.

Emmie on Lisa's quilt

Emmie on Lisa’s quilt

Emmie on Happy Howlidays

Emmie on Happy Howlidays

And last but not least is Simon.  Simon is the senior cat in the household at 14.5 years old.  Simon is also a rescue that had an injury early in life.  Jim says he’s a “few Buds short of a 6 pack”, but he is truly just the sweetest boy ever.  He is a gentle soul and always the first to make friends with a new animal in the house.

Simon and Moose on Happy Howlidays.

Simon and Moose on Happy Howlidays.

So that’s my crew!  I hope you enjoyed this little introduction to my quilting helpers.  Make sure and check out all the other links at Lily Pad Quilting and enjoy the Pets on Quilts Show 2014!  I know I will 🙂

Simon, Lucy, & Emmie

Simon, Lucy, & Emmie

Baby Moose

Baby Moose

Holiday Update!

Goodness it’s been a busy month!  Are you ready for the holiday?  There’s been a lot of sewing going on over here in the wee hours of the morning in between life, work, and more life thrown in.  And it’s been cold as anything….Brr!  So, here’s a quick recap.  I am actually off work for the rest of the week, so hoping to get the blog updated during that time as well as enjoy some downtime with Scarlett stitching for fun 🙂

First up was some sewing for the fabric postcard swap generously hosted by Sandi of Quilt Cabana Patterns.  Thank you Sandi for this wonderful treat 🙂  I’ve enjoyed seeing the pics filter in on Twitter.  I’m going to post pics here because I know Marisa has received mine.  I also posted them in the Flickr group that Sandi set up!  Unfortunately, the post office has not been kind and is holding the one that Marisa sent me for ransom 🙂  I’m hoping it will still make an appearance someday soon!

IMG_2852 IMG_2851




I finished the quilt I was making for my MIL.  She’s been in a wheelchair since earlier this fall and she’s always trying to cover up with her coat or something else, so I thought she might like a little quilt.  Now, she’s definitely of the “muggle” variety as Frances would say, and I’m quite sure this will be just another blanket to her, but it was made with love.  It’s a little jelly roll race quilt made from Sweet Serenade by Basic Grey.  My MIL was a music teacher and I thought she would like the little musical notes.

IMG_0245 And here’s the backing, complete with the assistance of the quilt inspector, Mr. Moose!

IMG_0248A close up of the fabric

IMG_0255 IMG_0251



Now, I was running out of time for sewing the binding on by hand like I normally do, so I just used one of my 9 mm decorative stitches and hoped it was wide enough to cover my faux pas with machine stitched binding.  I can never seem to get it just right!  I think this will do 🙂  Not perfect, but fine for the project.

IMG_0253I’m also trying to finish up a little table topper for a friend.  More pics to come on that.  The weekend of Thanksgiving, I started working on a McKenna Ryan fusible applique called “Under the Moostletoe”.  Kind of appropriate with my crazy Moose kitty.  My goal was to complete it before Christmas so I could hang it up, but that’s not going to happen.  This is where it stands currently.  I used the Floriani Applique-Wonder on this and I’m not thrilled with it at all.  Very stiff and the needle makes a chunking noise when it goes through it.  I probably won’t use it again for this type of project.

IMG_2799There’s been lots of wrapping and Christmas shenanigans around here with the furry crew. Here’s a few just for grins!

IMG_0259 IMG_2906Wishing you all a very, Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays (whichever tickles your fancy).  xoxo   Lori


The Week From Hell

Wow, what a week.  I would like to not repeat this week anytime soon!  Here’s how it went:IMG_1529

Tuesday:  another snow storm (5 inches) and loss of power from 2:30-8:30 a.m.  Edward (pictured above) is a total freak due to the flickering of lights occasionally during that 6 hour window and lies on top of me shaking like a freight train the entire time.  Let’s keep in mind that I have to be at an equine event exhibiting for my clinic at 8:00 Weds morning shall we?  Sometime during this time, Lucy sneezes…twice.

Wednesday:  5 inches of snow on the ground, no power, I am getting ready for this equine trade show without a shower, trying to make myself presentable via the light of my phone and the window…not pretty.  Lucy is now sneezing more…much more.  I send the husband out to feed the horses because in my lovely boot (remember the broken heel?) I’m not so great in the snow.  I also send him over to the neighbor’s house to feed her 2 horses because she’s in her 60’s with a bad hip and doesn’t need to be fighting the snow either.  I’m walking out the door, looking not so pretty, and Jim comes back to tell me that the neighbor’s oldest horse is dead in the barn 😦  Now, the poor guy was 30 years old and it’s been a tough winter, but it’s never an easy thing to have happen.  So, call our neighbor, deliver the horrible news, and then off to the event.  Yep, that’s me below with my hair pulled up looking über lovely…oy!  Do you love the coat hanging in the background?  Note to self…next time look behind you before having someone snap a picture.  Sigh…IMG_1643Thursday:  Wake up to more sneezing (enter Emmie and Simon) and it becomes obvious that we have a full-blown upper respiratory infection running through the cats in the house.  Damn!  This stuff is like the plaque.  Lucy feels horrible because she has the worst lungs of the group.  I rescued her when someone tried to drown her and her 4 siblings when she was only 10 weeks old…so to say she’s respiratory challenged to begin with would be an understatement.  Now she feels really crappy, running a fever, snotty, and doesn’t want to eat.  Go down to feed the other cats and Moose, aka the bad kitty, has diarrhea.  Nice…ok, I’m a veterinarian…forget that I specialize in dermatology for the love of pete, but I can handle this.  Load up a stool sample, and off to the clinic I go.  Results back at 10 p.m. – Moose has Giardia.  Whaaa Whaaa,… winner winner, chicken dinner!

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Friday:  Surely we’re done with the week right?  I have 2 doctors appts, one for the heel and one for annual bloodwork, and then I’m off to pick up medicine for all four cats for the upper respiratory infection and medication for Mr. Moose to treat the Giardia.  The good news – my bone is remodeling so I’m cleared for non-weight bearing exercise and remain in the boot for another 3 weeks.  The bad news…pilling and medicating 4 cats, 2-3 times per day with medicine that tastes horrible.  Yeah, I have the scars to prove it.

I feel certain that today has to be the start of a better week.  Lucy and Emmie are still feeling puny (Lucy is the worst, poor thing is downright pathetic), but Moose feels good enough to bite me and Simon has been exposed to upper respiratory infections so many times (he spent his first year of life in the clinic with me as a clinic cat when I was in general practice) that his immunity is pretty darned good.  IMG_1652

Despite all this insanity that would drive any normal person to drink, I DID actually get some things accomplished on the quilty and crafty side of things this week.  Yeah me!  First up, my little tumbler table topper made out of a charm pack of Vintage Modern (by Bonnie & Camille for Moda), is quilted and just waiting for me to finish hand stitching the binding!  I love it and need a little spring right now.  I really don’t mind springing forward with the time change because let’s be honest, I don’t sleep a lot any way…but I would REALLY like some warmer weather and sunshine over here.  That’s what the little table topper is supposed to be for me 🙂  It’s smaller than I anticipated and will shrink some more when I wash it, but I still love it.  It makes me smile.  IMG_1658

I also finished a little Easter wool applique that I started last March.  It’s an Easter bunny…he’s cute!IMG_1657And last but not least, I had ordered some of the cotton fabric lawn printable sheets from Electric Quilt for a memory quilt I’m working on.  I’ve used printable fabric before but haven’t been extremely pleased with the quality of it.  So, this cotton lawn fabric got great reviews as did the TAP (transfer artist paper).  I ordered some of both and am planning on experimenting to see which I like best.  However, when I was on the Electric Quilt site, I just happened across these add-ons called “Stash“…how have I never heard about these before?????  IMG_1659If you use Electric Quilt to design quilts at all, these are a must have!  I have EQ 7 and although I don’t get to play nearly as much as I would like, these are da’bomb!  The CDs are released twice a year (spring and fall) and contain swatches from various manufacturers and fabric designers, from the entire line of each person’s fabric.  I purchased the Fall 2011 and the Spring 2012.   The Fall 2011 has over 6400 fabrics from 25 different manufacturers (Moda, Michael Miller Fabrics, Northcott, Robert Kaufman, etc).  Spring 2012 has over 5800 fabrics from 22 manufacturers (Island Batiks, Moda, Free Spirit, Riley Blake, etc).  Now, you know my love affair with Vintage Modern, Ruby, and the other fabrics by Bonnie & Camille….imagine how fun it is for me to design quilt blocks or entire quilts and NOW be able to drop the exact fabrics in????  Some might call it heaven 🙂

Vintage Modern in EQ 7 - Stash Spring 2012

Vintage Modern in EQ 7 – Stash Spring 2012

So, that pretty much wraps it up for me.  Today is Sunday and other than a trip to the grocery store to get ready for the week, I intend to stay home and sew.  I have 5 more Farmer’s Wife blocks to do for the month of March to stay on track and I’m looking forward to spending some time planning the memory quilt I’m going to work on.  I hope you guys had a much less drama filled week!

It’s All About Me! Getting Ready For the Blog Hop :)

Are you ready?  There’s a new blog hop starting on Tuesday, February 19th!  I’m so excited because this is actually the first blog hop I’ve ever participated in.  I had a lot of fun with my version and can’t wait to show you all what I did.  I love Amy Bradley’s patterns…they are so clear and straight forward.  There are a lot of bloggers participating, so it will be so fun to hop along and see what everyone created.  I’ll be posting the full schedule tomorrow.

A big thanks to Marlene of Stitching By the Lake for coordinating all of the bloggers and of course, Madame Samm!  You can come by on Thursday, February 21st to check out my version of “It’s All About Me!”.

Montana QuiltLucy and I are planning on working on the Montana quilt today after paying bills (gah!) and straightening up the pit 🙂  Happy Sunday all!

Score! IQF Cincinnati Loot

Ok, for my quilty friends that have tweeted that they want to live vicariously through my shopping skills (read lack of control) from my trip yesterday to IQF Cincinnati, feast your eyes upon my fun finds.  I suspect you will all notice a theme and I will have to change my username on twitter and such from “ltdermdvm” soon to “the crazy cat lady”…sigh, what’s a girl to do?

First up….you know I’ve been lusting after, I mean “wanting to try”, some Aurifil thread for a while now.  I could no longer wait for Sandy to PICK ME!  My pleas were falling on deaf ears…wiping a tear from my eye…sigh!  SO, the hubs wanted me to pick something special for my bday present while I was at the quilt show and I decided I wanted to get some Aurifil if I could find a good deal.  My local shop charges $12-14/spool.  Have you heard about their new Lana 12 wt thread for wool?  mmmmmmm, yummy.  So I got this:

Can’t wait to try it out!  And I found the PERFECT project to try the Aurifil Lana threads on at Wooly Lady!  Have you guys ever seen her wool?  OMG…if you like wool, she has the softest wool in the most unusual colors.  I met her in Houston in 2010 and have been a huge fan ever since.  Not cheap…but so unique.  Kind of reminds me of the Sue Spargo type colors.  I managed to contain myself and only bought one thing at her booth.

It’s going to be perfect on top of an antique buffet I have in my dining room.  Seriously…look at these colors!Love, love, love!  Ok, moving on.  You all know Emmie by now, my little quilting buddy right? Well, Emmie proved herself to be a phenomenal mouser this past winter (thank you husband for dragging me kicking and screaming out into the country with the lure of “you can have horses”).  I found this pattern and thought it was priceless!  Totally reminded me of her.  The gumball machine is filled with mice (that piece of fabric was included) and the whiskers were sparkly strands of something (not sure what I’ll use for that yet).  Yep, couldn’t help myself…had to have it!While we’re on the animal theme, I might as well confess and show you all my other animal type purchases yesterday.  I know, I know…serious problem.  What do you expect from a veterinarian though?  Seriously?

This was a pattern from Thangles called Mama and Her Kitties.  I’ve never used Thangles but the demonstration looked super simple (ha! don’t they all).  I also bought the kit because the colors were perfect for my friend who does a ton of rescue work for kitties.  I also thought I would make one for our local group, Indy Feral, to use at their fundraising auction.  This one looked so fun for summer.  It’s called The Hunter and came with some matching Aurifil thread (giggle…).  Let’s just say, Bigfork Bay Cotton Company loves me after my visit to their booth yesterday.  Dear checking account, I apologize…I just couldn’t help myself, and to be fair, IQF Houston was my last real blowout…And another….this one reminded me of my Siamese, Lucy, who hangs out in my sink every morning.  She’s a little visually challenged.  We think she’s such a good mouser because she sees 2 of everything!  Sorry Lucy…no discrimination in this house, you must have “issues” to live here 🙂


And another….

Hey, at least I deviated from cats this time 🙂  This is a VERY cool little kit that combines some pretty pastel wools with some gorgeous batiks!  Yummy.

I personally think I exercised an outlandish amount of control when I left Primitive Gatherings booth with just ONE little itty bitty wool kit!  This is a very cute little reindeer table mat that is all in the shape of hexagons which I’ve been wanting to try my hand at.  Primitive Gatherings had this BEAUTIFUL kit that was a huge Ohio Star.  I swear it had to be 80×80.  You can imagine how $$ it was.  Again, OUTLANDISH self-control (patting myself on the back).

Hey look!  Something without a cat or an animal, lol!  This cute little applique pattern was designed by Pat Sloan for Bigfork Bay Cotton Company.  So pretty!  And of course it came with some lovely coordinating aurifil thread.

Wrapping up now, I promise.  This cute little book by Kim Schaefer (you may know her from her book Calendar Quilts) had some adorable applique for crib blankets, bibs, and growth charts.  I have a few friends having babies this summer so I thought I could try a few of these out and make something different from the typical baby quilt 🙂  Last but not least, I give you…Yeah…sigh.  I had a bonding moment with Deb Tucker.  She is a total HOOT!  If you’ve never met her and you’re ever at a quilt show, go chat with her and watch her demonstrations.  I would love to take one of her classes sometime or just go drink some wine, beer, martinis, whatever with her.  The lady is a bundle of energy.  I had heard AJ from The Quilting Pot talking about a table runner she made from one of Deb’s rulers, so I knew I wanted to check out her booth if she was at the show.  I probably spent 30-45 minutes watching various demos and just laughing with her.  I walked away with 3 rulers, a quilter’s wand, and 2 patterns.  Nuts!

And that, I believe is IT my friends!  I had a great time and find myself unbelievably glad that it’s raining today so I can stay inside and play with my loot instead of get out and clean up my flower beds and garden like I SHOULD be doing 🙂  Have a great weekend everyone!

A Mug Rug Kind of Day

Did you have a good week?  It was a crazy one around here.  Spring is definitely here EARLY in Indiana and the pollen counts are currently what they usually are in June.  My poor allergy patients are having a heck of a time, but I do love having the windows open 🙂  The hubs was sick for several days and was kind enough to pass it on to me (thank you husband…) but after 3 days of total ick, I’m back to normal and ready to head into another crazy week!

So, what’s new?  Well, I’m still learning my machine, so I thought I would try my hand at a couple of mug rugs.  I’ve always thought they were so cute and my dad has a birthday coming up, so what better way to learn my new machine right?  And of course, I had to make one for my mom too right?  I can just hear the morning conversation….”sure wish I had a little “quilty thing” to set my coffee on like OUR daughter made for YOU!”  Gotta love it…

But first things first.  Scarlett has had a big week!  She went with me for a 5 hour class on Friday to learn all her ins and outs.  Next week we go back to learn embroidery.  I can’t wait!  Katie turned me on to this super adorable little embroidered banner/bunting (what’s a bunting anyway???) and I totally can’t wait to make it and hang it above the window where Scarlett sits.  But…you will have to wait on pics of that until after next Friday, sorry!

Scarlett did get a little “bling” though.  I added a little magnifying glass attachment for my eyes (90 year old eyes in a 43 year old’s body…grr!).  The ladies at the store have been talking about this for ages and I’ve been fighting it (“I have my readers, I’m fine”.  Let me just say, WOW!  what a difference for my stitch in the ditch stuff … I kid you now!  Here, take a look:

Without Magnification

With Magnification

Also, things are progressing nicely between Emmie and Scarlett.  There’s been no more hissing or smacking, but Emmie remains leery.  Which isn’t a bad thing as her nose was often a little closer than I’d like to the needle.  I’m a vet, but I do hate it when my own animals are hurting (especially if I’m the cause!).

What were we talking about?  Oh yes, mug rugs!  So, I made one for my dad using the Reunion fabric by Sweetwater.  I found a tutorial written by Angie at Stitching by Starlight that looked simple enough for me (note – you can find tutorials for everything on Pinterest and Google Image, lol).  I thought it was a great tutorial, easy to follow and a quick project!  There were 2 tries previous to this one (not happy endings) …I really wanted to do some machine binding (read quick and easy) but I just was really unhappy with the results of all the ones I tried.  I read the tutorial by Julie at JayBird Quilts and Pat Sloan’s tutorial…they make it look lovely and simple, but perhaps I’m lacking a binding gene?  I made it reversible because bless his heart, he’ll have no idea what a mug rug is anyway, so he should be able to just use both sides.  I’m even sending it with a little “what is a mug rug” printout from last year when there was the Mug Rug Madness blog affair going on.

Here’s the front:

And the back: 

Poor Mom, on the other hand, got the mug rug that I did with the machine binding (Pat Sloan’s method … sorry to shame you Pat 😦 ).So, those are all boxed up and ready to head to Florida tomorrow.  Mom knows I have a blog but never remembers to check it, lol, so I’m safe posting pictures.  Well, I have a crazy week ahead and still some work to do yet tonight, so I’ll sign off.  Also, I keep fighting this little stinker sitting in front of the screen! Lucy says hello…

Another Finish

Can you tell I’m trying to get caught up?  I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff in the midst of the last few months of crazy but didn’t have time to blog about it, so now I’m going to get everything all caught up!  Hooray 🙂

This is a quilt I made for the Executive Director of our state veterinary medical association as a “thank you” for all the help she’s given me over the last several years as I made my way from VP to pres-elect to president, and gratefully now to immediate past president.  She’s become a dear friend and family means everything to her, so I wanted to make her something special and not just give her the standard “spa” gift certificate that she always gets (although I’m sure she appreciates that too).

My starting point was the “once upon a time” quilt by Tacha Burecher for FatQuarterly.  I’ve always been in love with this quilt since it came out in issue 39, but I took some creative liberty and made the centers pictures of her family instead of fussy cut story book prints.  I got rid of the “once upon a time” on the top border and just made it a pieced border instead.  I was really pleased with the outcome and she loved it, which is all that matters 🙂

Sorry, the lighting is kind of yellow in this one.  It was night time and I was under a deadline, lol.

And of course, how could I possibly do it all without the help of Lucy and Emmie?

That’s all for now!  Have a wonderful rest of the weekend 🙂


Morning everyone!  This will be a quick one because I have a bunch of stuff to do before leaving for California (work) on Wednesday.  It’s been a busy week with not a ton of time to sew, but I did sneak in an hour here and there yesterday.  I’m working on a little table topper out of fun summer fabrics (pictures coming soon) based on a quilt out of Fons & Porters Tabletop Quilts book.  It’s easy and I loved the fun funky cuts.

Today, I’m hoping to head to a “Shop till you Drop” Shop Hop about an hour away.  They’ll have 35 quilt shops all under one roof…can you say “heaven”?  🙂  I shall post pics of my acquisitions when I get home later.  But for now, I leave you with this cute little picture of my babies.  Hope you’re having a great weekend everyone!