Pets On Quilts Show – 2014

I stumbled across this today thanks to Valerie.  Thanks Valerie!

Sounds good to me!!!  So, here are my kids!  We are entering in the “Cat or Kitten on a Quilt” category.  With 4 cats in the house, there is always a cat available to help with the quilting process.  First up…the Moose!  Moose is the youngest quilt tester in the household, but he is the first to pop up and help me.

cropped-img_1862.jpgHe has been helping me quilt my latest quilt, Chasing My Tail, with my 830 and the jumbo hoop.  Thanks Moosie!

Moose helping with "Chasing My Tail"

Moose helping with “Chasing My Tail”

He’s always up for a good photo shoot…especially when I’m trying to get a picture WITHOUT a cat in it.

Moose presents Mini Swoon

Moose presents Mini Swoon

He sure does keep us laughing though!

Yoga Moose :)

Yoga Moose 🙂

Next up is sister Lucy.  She’s our little rescue girl that someone tried to drown at 8 weeks of age.  Saving her did some damage to her vocal cords so her meow and purr are very, very quiet.  That hasn’t slowed her down every though!  She’s a sweet soul, but she keeps da’ Moose in his place.

Lucy helping with layout of the Montana Quilt

Lucy helping with layout of the Montana Quilt

Lucy helping demonstrate "place cat butt here!"

Lucy helping demonstrate “place cat butt here!”

They have another very shy sister, Emmie.  Emmie is also a rescue and used to love to help with quilting until I got my 830.  The 830 is just a bit big and intimidating for her, but she still loves to snuggle and help with quilting when the machine isn’t running.

Emmie on Lisa's quilt

Emmie on Lisa’s quilt

Emmie on Happy Howlidays

Emmie on Happy Howlidays

And last but not least is Simon.  Simon is the senior cat in the household at 14.5 years old.  Simon is also a rescue that had an injury early in life.  Jim says he’s a “few Buds short of a 6 pack”, but he is truly just the sweetest boy ever.  He is a gentle soul and always the first to make friends with a new animal in the house.

Simon and Moose on Happy Howlidays.

Simon and Moose on Happy Howlidays.

So that’s my crew!  I hope you enjoyed this little introduction to my quilting helpers.  Make sure and check out all the other links at Lily Pad Quilting and enjoy the Pets on Quilts Show 2014!  I know I will 🙂

Simon, Lucy, & Emmie

Simon, Lucy, & Emmie

Baby Moose

Baby Moose

Quilty Eye Candy – QGI Quilt Show

What better way to start off a Sunday than with a little eye candy right?  This week I attended the Quilter’s Guild of Indianapolis 2013 Quilt Show.  This is a show that they host every other year and is a nice local event.  This year the vendors were a bit scarce, but I suspect that is due to it falling on the same weekend as Quilt Market.  I thought I would share with you a few of the quilts that caught my eye.

Best in Show

Best in Show

First up is “Max”.  Max won best in show and also first place in the art quilts, longarm-machine quilted category.  Max was constructed and quilted by Cathy Franks.

detail of faceIMG_2608







Pretty incredible huh?  I think she did a fabulous job…of course I am partial to anything “animal” LOL.

Vases, Birds, and Other Things

Vases, Birds, and Other Things

Next up in the applique bed quilts, longarm-machine quilted category was Vases, Birds, and Other Things. This was a beautiful applique quilt constructed by Bonnie Harlow and quilted by Lynette Reynolds.  Here are a few close-ups.

IMG_2627Vases, Birds, and Other Things








Beautiful detail.  I love these type of quilts.  Maybe one day when I have more time.  I look at all those berries and tiny pieces…eek!

Mom and Babes

Mom and Babes

This was a very fun log cabin quilt constructed by Sally Wycoff, quilted by Paul Wycoff.  I thought they did a great job!  Here’s a close up.IMG_2601

IMG_2603This one made me think of my parents.  It’s called Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico.  It was constructed and quilted by Judy Pleiss on her home-machine.  There was beautiful quilting and couched threads.  Here’s a close up..I thought she captured the serenity and movement of the water beautifully.IMG_2604

The Poodles  Who Have Quilted With Me

The Poodles Who Have Quilted With Me

I loved this quilt (of course!).  It was in the mixed technique quilts and was constructed and quilted by Carol Henke.  Here’s the story behind it:IMG_2590And now for some of the larger quilts.  Who doesn’t love a Swoon?  This is “Swoonie”, pieced and longarm machine-quilted by Vickie Smith.  Some day I am going to finish my Swoon quilt….



Next up was “A Cool Starlit Night”, also pieced and longarm machine quilted by Vickie Smith.  I loved both the colors and the secondary patterns formed here.

A Cool Starlit Night

A Cool Starlit Night

Next up is “Alaska Memories”, pieced and longarm machine quilted by Darlene Glesenkamp.  This quilt was made from batiks that she collected on a trip to Alaska and I just adored the animal batiks!

Alaska Memories

Alaska Memories










Dancing Autumn Leaves

Dancing Autumn Leaves

This was a beautiful quilt entered in the group quilts category.  Loved the colors!

Angela's Wedding Quilt

Angela’s Wedding Quilt

This one I loved and could totally see making for our bedroom to showcase some fun fabric prints.  This was a wedding quilt that was pieced by Ann Petrie and longarm machine-quilted by Jane Pitt.

Just Pinwheels

Just Pinwheels

I’m always drawn to pinwheels.  This was pieced by Carol and Theresa Cantwell and longarm machine-quilted by  Theresa Cantwell.

There you go….your eye candy for the day!  I am on “stay-cation” this week and have lots of quilty plans.  Today I’m going to be working on that special quilt for Mason’s mom 🙂  I’m really looking forward to quality time with the sewing room today and Scarlett!  I’ve picked a simple 4-patch pattern alternating with 8 inch picture blocks framed in white.  All of the fabric is in.  I’m using “All Around Town” by Whimsicals.  Here’s the fabric before I dig into it along with a stack of all of his photo blocks.

Mason's fabrics

Mason’s fabrics

Happy Sunday 🙂



2013 Goals – Quilty Goals and Life Goals

I’m not going to call them resolutions…I hate the sound of it and I never seem to keep them and then I have a sense of failure that irks me and makes me want to throw in the towel 🙂  So this year, they are “goals” to symbolize the fact that life is constantly a work in progress and something we must work at every day.  This post is going to contain more than just quilty goals for a couple of reasons:  1) I want it to remain a touch point for me throughout the year to refer back to, and 2) let’s face it…it’s not like I’m a famous blogger and people are going to be upset if I discuss something other than my blog topic, lol!  So, you have been warned…I’m starting with the quilty goals and then progressing to the life goals (at which time you may feel free to ditch me if you’re not interested 🙂 )

Quilting Goals 
1.  Take one quilting class per quarter.  This can be online via Craftsy or some other online venue, at the quilt shop, or at a show.  One class per quarter so that I remember that life isn’t all about work and sometimes it pays to do something nice for yourself and expand your skills in other areas besides veterinary medicine.
2.  Make 5 Farmer’s Wife quilt blocks with mom each month (a total of 60 in 2013).  This has really turned out to be a fun project for us.  We’re 15 in and we take turns each month picking 5 blocks to make.  We text pictures to each other and we’re both using our stash for the project.
3.  Learn how to use my cutwork tool that I purchased and make a table runner or cute applique quilt with it.
4.  Finish the Montana “Walk in the Woods” quilt.  The center is pieced, but it needs the borders and then quilted.  Here’s a pic of it if you don’t remember the one I’m talking about.

Montana Quilt Top - no borders yet

Montana Quilt Top – no borders yet

5.  Finish my Swoon quilt – FOR ME!  I have 7 more blocks to go.
6.  Get my Lone Star quilt quilted.  This one is going to a longarmer.  It’s completely finished and ready to go…I just need to make it happen.  Here she is again in case you have forgotten what she looks like.  I LOVE this quilt!

Lone Star Top complete

Lone Star Top complete

Health Goals

1.  Exercise – ah, the classic resolution right?  I want to run my first 5k by June.  That’s going to mean getting myself up off the couch or out of the sewing room and onto the treadmill or outside.
2.  Achieve a healthy BMI
3.  Food – make more mindful choices of what I put in my body.
4.  Plan, plan, plan – I have found over and over that if I plan the week of meals and exercise I am WAY more successful than if I just roll with the punches.

Work Goals

1.  Continue to grow the Ft. Wayne satellite and help develop a nice branch for Dr. Dell with the goal of one day per week in a few years.

2.  Start to work on plans for a new resident in 2014.  This will help for long-range planning, especially if Ft. Wayne takes off and we have Dr. Dell in Indy less.
3.  Continue with the daily to every other day posts on the clinic FB site.  Clients love the pics of their animals.
4.  Work to establish the blog for the clinic.  Informative articles on various diseases keep the clients engaged and let them know that they aren’t alone in dealing with their pet’s problems.
5.  Continue to publish 2 articles per year.
6.  Keep current with journal articles (VetDerm and JAVMA primarily).  This can be either bedtime reading (oy!) or in place of TV time in the evening.

Home Goals

1.  Quit whining about the white walls and freaking do something about it (do it yourself, hire it done, just fricking do it!).  You’ve been in the house for 6 years and have 2 rooms painted…really????

2.  Do something in the decorating department  for the house once a month.  This can be something little like buying curtains for a window, a new area rug, or hopefully this summer adding on that screened in porch we’ve been dreaming about if we can save up for it.

Horse Goals

1.  Hire the natural horseman to work with Tongo and I this spring/summer.

2.  Start lessons again with Blossom.  This will be great exercise for both of us!  The goal would be to get to the point where I can just head out, saddle her up, and take off riding around the property or elsewhere without having to have someone with me or someone to give me a boost because I’m too heavy to get up on my own 🙂

I think that’s it.  Now that I’ve got them down, I just need to figure out a way to make them happen and stay accountable!  I hope everyone had a great New Year’s celebration.  Needless to say, Moose and Simon didn’t make it until midnight last night.IMG_1391

Q2 2012 Finish A Long

I’m so excited to be joining in the 2nd quarter finish-a-long with Rhonda at Quilter in the Gap 🙂  I really REALLY wanted to participate in the 1st quarter but knew there was no chance under the sun that I could add one more deadline to my list of demands.  Between speaking and conferences and the clinic, OMG, it was insane!  But life has slowed down a bit and I’ve been able to spend some more time with my machine AND just added a newcomer to the sewing studio as well (read all about my crazy extravagance here).

So, without further delay, here are my goals for Q2 of the FAL.  If this is the first you’ve heard of it, then you DEFINITELY need to read about it here.

First, I’d like to finish my little table topper that I started last summer.  Current state:  it’s all sandwiched and the scrappy binding is already made up.  I just need to quilt it and bind it, wash it and then we should be good to go!

Next up, my Swoon quilt!  I really want to get going on this.  In the time Pam at Hip to be a Square has made 2 Swoon QUILTS, I have made 2 Swoon BLOCKS, lol.  Here are the 2 that I have completed so far – 2 down, 7 to go!

Block 2 of Swoon

Finishing Swoon is probably going to be my biggest job this quarter, so I’m going to try and keep the others a little more simple.  I would like to finish this wool project (yep, I realize Easter just passed me by…but think how far ahead I’ll be for next year!).

And last but certainly not least, my Charming LoneStar quilt.  She’s just been sitting patiently waiting for me to send her off to a longarmer to be quilted but something keeps holding me back.  Now that I have Scarlett and her big jumbo hoop, MAYBE I’ll get brave and do the quilting myself!  I’ve just been so worried about screwing it up and I just love that quilt so much…but hey, what the heck right.  Take a breath and jump right in 🙂

I think that’s all I better bite off for now 🙂  Thanks for visiting!


So, I’m in a funk!  I finished my first Swoon block this morning (yeah!) and I really think I probably used my seam ripper more than I have in the last several projects.  Apparently, my instruction reading skills and diagram following skills leave something to be desired.  Never the less, block one is finished!

After finishing block one, I decided I really needed to take Bernie (the Bernina) in for her annual check up (mainly because she missed her check up last year!…bad Lori).  So I got her all packed up, got the embroidery unit packed up for servicing too (might as well right?) and off I went.  When i got there, there were lots of signs about the special financing event going on in March until the 19th.   Basically, if you charge over $6000, there’s free financing for 48 months.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I truly love my machine.  I have no complaints, no problems.  The only things I would even remotely change would be larger throat space for quilting, an automatic thread cutter, and not having to be connected to my computer for the machine embroidery process.

While I was waiting, I just so happened to gander over at the 830 LE.  The owner must have seen the drool slipping from my mouth and came over and took me for a fully guided tour of this Cadillac of Berninas.  Oh my, this girl is lovely…just lovely.  So, of course she just happened to mention that I could do a trade on my 440 QE to lower the price.  She’s going to call me Monday with a quote on trading mine in.  And of course, there’s a great deal with $500 off and when you order the LE model, you get a free 2 day course in Chicago with the Bernina Educators.  I was good, I walked away and didn’t try and make any changes on the spot.

The dilemma – I don’t NEED a new machine.  Mine is working just fine.  All the bells and whistles are pretty incredible though.  Sigh…obviously cooler heads will likely prevail after a good nights sleep.  Oh yeah, and Eddie is walking around limping again so he may make the decision very easy for me if he needs ACL surgery 🙂

Anyone have a Bernina 830 they’d like to share their thoughts with me on?

Who’s Ready to Swoon???

A pretty bundle

Here she is….all wrapped up and ready to go!  In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s this madness called “Swoonery” that’s been going on since last year when Camille Rosekelley (Simplify) created the Swoon quilt.  It was love at first sight for me and I’ve been dying to make my own ever since.  Last year was a blitz for me and there was no way I was going to be able to commit to this large quilt because I REALLY wanted to enjoy the process of each and every bit of it.  It’s not often a quilt grabs you like that and says “you MUST have me, no matter what!”.  So, I bought the pattern and tucked it away.

A few times, I started to pull out my own fabrics and audition them to make my own version of Swoon, but honestly, I am so in love with the Ruby Swoon that I always went back to that.  So, when Fat Quarter Shop offered a Ruby kit all bundled up for the taking…SOLD!  Then I quietly tucked her into a safe place in the closet to await a time when life was a little more quiet.

Then, to make matters worse, in January, Katy at, decided to start a Swoon-A-Long.  A flickr group started (go here for more eye-candy), and oh, the pain!  I was just dying to sit down and join this awesome group of quilters working on my own Swoon.  Seriously, you have to go look at all the pictures on flickr.  Everyone was so original….not me, I still “heart” my Ruby Swoon.  Of course, if you remember, January through February I was up to my eyeballs in travel, speaking, and volunteer duties (oh yeah, and don’t forget my regular full-time job at my clinic, lol).  So I followed along, pinning like crazy (damn you Pinterest!).

And then Pam, from Hip to be a Square podcast, started her blue Swoon.  Now, anyone that knows Pam knows she cranks these things out like there’s no tomorrow.  I think she’s secretly a vampire and doesn’t need sleep.  I’m going to swipe Zoom and Zapper from her when she’s not watching..but shhh!  don’t tell her 🙂


But at long last, the time has come!  Last night, I unwrapped my kit and laid out the yummies!  Ah, Ruby swoon…our time has finally come!


I cut out my first star pieces last night (only 8 more to go, lol).  Alas, then I was rudely interrupted by this face wanting dinner.  So today, more Swoonery planned.  I really should make myself work on taxes and paying bills first, but what fun would that be??  Happy Sunday y’all!